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12 Inspirational ideas to decorate the empty hall

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Hallways usually function as room connectors or walkways from front door to living room and should be decorated in same color palette as rest of the house to maintain harmony. Though guests rarely pay attention to the contents of hallway, this region is in the public domain and visible to outsiders so it has to be kept as neat as the rest of the house. Some homeowners consider the hallway between living room and front door as a display region to showcase their sense of style and give guests a glimpse of how the apartment’s interiors are decorated. 

Depending on the length, location and breadth of the hall and owners sense of style, a hall can be a tastefully decorated with art or can be used as a storage area. Irrespective of the purpose for which the hall is being used it has to be designed with suitable walls colors and appropriate lighting so that it looks like an essential part of the house. Here are 12 interesting hallway design ideas to help you decorate the hall at home in the best possible manner.

1. Brick Hallway

The hall wall without plaster is a picture of rustic beauty proving that home need not have only plaster on the wall to presents a stylish front. The hall acting as a connector between the front door and other rooms has a simple layout comprising of shoe-cabinet and chair along with a full length mirror to allow residents to view themselves along with footwear before stepping out. An open shelf beside the door holds small items which people usually look for before stepping out like keys, sunglasses or small change.

2. Arty corner

Love ornate art objects with their beautiful carvings and inlaid designs? Then hall is the best place to showcase your interest for them. This corner region of the hall here is neatly decorated with horse fashioned out of silver metal along with a medieval urn and metal box with artistic designs. Accurate planning has left enough space in the hall for setting up a large coat hanger too though the region has so many objects.

3. Wall of mirrors

Looking for a creative idea to decorate an empty hall? Why not fit an entire wall with mirrors to turn it into a quirky region wherein members can check their appearance every time they step in and out of the house. To give the wall an unusual twist the region is covered with diamond-shaped mirrors while the floor is dazzling white with grey outline.

4. Elegance of minimalism

To take full advantage of a hall the owners must first decide the purpose for which it is likely to be used so that it is decorated appropriately for that purpose. This minimalist hall primarily is a storage area and its walls have been fitted with large and small cabinets for the purpose. The colorful coat hanger with adjustable hooks adds to the original elegance of the hall.

6. Beauty of neutral tones

Even if the hall is a rarely used area of the house its décor and color palette should be in sync with the house. Here we see how the   light grey tones of the walls along with mood lighting keeps the region shrouded in mystery until all the lights are ignited to brighten it when guests walk indoors. The entrance of the hall has a separate section for hanging outdoor coats and jackets and a shoe-rack at the bottom for family members.

6. Colorful door

When a hall is wide and spacious as this with a high ceiling which ends in a sparkling turquoise blue door every owner would want to fill it with essentials like coat racks and shoe cabinets. But the use of two flooring materials comprising of wood and tiles gives a classy air to the classic style hallway layout. Interior decorators have provided a creative touch to the spacious hall in the form of a circular framed mirror designed like a target spot.

7. Indulge your whimsical side

Even if the hall is a place that is easily ignored in the residence you can make it visible by experimenting with colors and furnishings in a whimsical manner to suit your taste. The eclectic style hall has been decorated in the simplest of ways with a round mirror and vintage style wooden dresser. Painted in multicolored vertical stripes the dresser brings color to the region while the foldable table lamp add to the glamor.

8. Dressing area for royalty

A lovely mirror gilded with gold before a bright maroon velvet bench before it, enhance the glamor of this enchanting hall that is devoid of any other furniture or decoration. Neutral toned walls and floor dressed in white tiles add to the delicate elegance of the hall. The atmosphere of the classic style hallway is further emphasized by the gilded wall lamps styled like medieval candles.

9. Wooden outlines

Who can deny the warmth of wood and the cozy air it lends to interiors when they are finished in its rich hues? In this hall wood has been used generously in doors, open shelves, dividers and also for moldings on the white walls that adds color. Though wooden doors with just a light touch of varnish are considered rustic here they have been artfully integrated into the design with Egyptian style vase filled with white flowers and twigs.

10. Artistic storage region

This hallway looks straight out of an old Wild West movie with the unconventional hanger for caps and fishing equipment  along with sports goods. The rustic wooden shelf and outdoor equipment at the hall entrance shows that people here are not afraid to showcase their love for outdoors.

11. Giving a glimpse of inhabitants

Setting up a family tree at the entrance hallway is a trendy way to introduce all members of the family to guests in a formal manner. The arrangement created in Scandinavian style involves painting the largest section of the wall in green and then painting the rough outline of a tree on it. Family pictures can then be placed at odd and even angles around the branches to showcase the members.

12. An open hall

When the hall flows into the living room in an open floor design like this then it is best to retain same floor design and wall color palette across the area. To retain some form of difference between living room and hall you can arrange a small table with drawers to keep articles like keys or sunglasses.

Narrow hallway curbing your creativity, here are ways to Utilize a narrow hallway.

Which corridor do you feel is the most inviting in this list. Do let us know in your comments below.
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