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A beautifully designed home in Mumbai

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Rendered for a very stylish and futuristic family by the designers at My Beautiful Life in Mumbai, this house might seem like the inside of a gorgeous spaceship! Named as Trinity, it is an almost all-white home where organically shaped furniture, brilliant and creative lights, and elegant shapes come together for a unique visual impact. The rooms are expansive, fluidic, and wow with their smooth, glossy surfaces.  Space has been utilised optimally to accommodate all urban needs, and we simply love how light plays a dominant role in the decor of the residence.

Curvy living

Curved and sliding doors add an exclusive touch to this ultramodern living space, with spheres of light hanging from the ceiling. A curved freestanding lamp oversees the futuristic white sofa, which comes with flexible seats that bend as per individual motion. Glass windows in the far end wall with the trendy wall clock make the house feel open and airy.

A dash of retro

Equipped with a transparent table and retro style white and bright orange chairs, the dining space looks playful and happy. The same spherical lights that we saw before, hang from the ceiling here as well. Small splashes of orange add vibrancy to the pure white environment.

Fashionable kitchen

Positioned right behind the dining space, the white and modular kitchen seems like a neat and serene place for cooking modern meals. Smooth cabinets and counters make working here a pleasure, while soothing lights cheer up the atmosphere.

Wow bedroom

The lines and surfaces of the bedroom are smooth, white and elegant. The bed is perched on a trendy white platform, and comes with a transparent headboard and sleek side tables. A lace curtain hangs near the head of the bed and adds a bit of dreaminess here. The curved shape of the window is a soothing touch, along with the fashionable lights.

Colour therapy

The bedroom comes with light fixtures which cast pink, orange, green and purple glows as per your mood. Switch on the lights you wish to, and create the dream world you desire. What a surprise right?

Hidden beauty

We love how the expansive bedroom leads to the luxurious en-suite bathroom and a built-in wardrobe with curved surfaces. When you open the wardrobe, a burst of bright orange greets you along with a massive mirror on the inside of the door. Sleek drawers and shelves help you in arranging all your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Luxurious bathroom

A striking shower Jacuzzi takes up one corner of the white and soothing bathroom, and promises luxurious rejuvenation. A large window with smart blinds brings in sunlight in a diffused manner, while powerful white bulbs brighten up the space in the evenings.

Smart study

It’s impressive how a small nook has been transformed into a brilliant home office with neat and trendy shelves and a cosy seat. Splashes of orange add life and vibrancy to the space, while the textured wall behind the seat makes a subtle style statement.

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