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Unique bathroom designs that create more space

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Too often, a bathroom is a dark, enclosed space occupying a central space in the home and therefore benefitting from very little natural light. 

If you'd like to defy the norms with a brighter, more spacious, and open bathroom design, the following 10 bathrooms are sure to spark your imagination! Some are positively luxurious, and some fit within a space the size of a closet. With clever features and layouts that emphasize light, space, and depth, these unique bathroom designs are a breath of fresh air!

1. Statement tub

Most tubs share space with the shower. In this example, the tub stands alone in a bold, oval-shaped statement that sits front and center when you enter the room. Instead of feeling confined by a shower curtain and becoming burdened with shampoo bottles, this tub enjoys a wide open space all its own!

2. Bathroom and dressing room combo

The tub sits against the far wall in this spacious room, a hybrid dressing room and bathroom space fit for a celebrity!

3. Creating space with mirrors

Most bathrooms have a mirror—this bathroom uses several to create the illusion of more open space. One of the shower walls is a mirror, and the two standing mirrors on the sink give an added dimension of depth to the space. 

4. Sunny window

This bathroom is tucked away under the sloped roof of the home, but that didn't stop the architects from LEICHT Küchen AG from giving this bathtub its own sense of space and scenery. This long tub enjoys a rare view through the panoramic window that lines the wall, turning a dark, oddly-shaped space into a high-contrast, crisp, and well-lit room. Streamlined parallel rectangles in the sink, towel rack, rug, and tub help to draw the room out, creating a sense of length and energy that pulls through the room.

5. Shower room

This bathroom keeps things wide open with a shower room that offers a stool and clothes hook on on end, and a shower head on the other. A luxurious layout often reserved for a sauna or spa, this open-concept design is highly functional and comfortable as well, as it doesn't require climbing out of a slippery shower stall—or even sliding a glass door, for that matter.

6. Semi-divided space

This spacious, open bathroom offers a hint of privacy for the tub with a cut-out partition wall. This unique ceiling-anchored design creates an emphasis on the height of the room (even though the ceiling is quite low), creating the impression that the room is taller than it is. 

7. Bathroom adventure

For the truly wild at heart, this forest-themed open concept bathroom offers a wild adventure through the trees, in a tub that's exposed on all four sides. 

8. Easy-access bathroom

This bathroom brings a whole new meaning to the word spacious, and it starts right at the entrance. The master bedroom in this design enjoys two access points to the bathroom, with white sliding panels on both sides. A double sink, each with their own towel rack, provides an additional degree of accessibility, as each partner reserves the luxury of having his or her own bathroom space.

For more creative ways to join your bedroom and bathroom, see the ideas in this ideabook!

9. Small, but spacious

This bathroom sets an example for small bathrooms everywhere. The shower head, toilet, and sink have been crammed into just a few feet of space, but somehow the design is still open, spacious, and fun. The designers in this project have been careful to leave one half of the room completely free of furniture, adding some much-needed negative space to the small room. A glass partition wall works to divide the shower and the toilet without creating a visual separation. The designers have ensured that the space is well-lit through two large windows, and the calming colour scheme of white and blue places an additional emphasis on an open sky feeling.

10. Small bathroom champion

This last example is the smallest bathroom of of them all—yet, there's still a sense of space and freedom in this room. The mirror has been placed opposite the window in order to bring more natural light and imagery across the room, and the glass partition wall works to allow light to reach all corners of the small space. With the sink placed side by side next to the tub, the designer has eliminated the need for a extra storage, as a person in the bathtub can leave toiletries on the tile table that supports the sink. 

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