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11 Beautiful ideas to paint the exterior walls of your house

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The beauty of an architectural structure whether it is a single family house or multi-storied skyscraper is enhanced when it is given the right quality and shade of exterior paint. Besides adding to the aesthetic beauty of the façade, exterior paints protect the walls  from natural elements like harsh sunlight, rain and snow. As the façade is an essential part of the house design the exterior colors should be pleasing and in tune with the local environment.

1. Warm yellow and ochre—

When you want to have a colorful facade then be choosy about the shades to have charming exteriors devoid of gaudy tones. The house before us is decorated with warm shades of yellow and ocher that blend unobtrusively into the environment while the length and breadth of its facade makes it impressive. Created with combination of brick, concrete and stone, the house’s façade represents perfect blend of modern and traditional design.

2. Neutral grey

A vast majority of modern homes are given neutral tones like black, white, grey and brown to make the façade impressive. These shades are preferred over others as they can withstand weather changes better than others without showing its ill-effects.

The grey façade of this modern house is enhanced when lights are lit along the walls at night displaying futuristic glow. In the daytime too this charming shade of grey makes the house look gentle and approachable instead of metallic and cold.

3. Black beauty

Few people would give their homes a black façade as it would seem unusual and forbidding. But here the color black inspires feelings of power, elegance, sophistication, mystery, strength, sobriety, character and style. This façade shows how the tone is perfect for an avant-garde house that is cut off from the street with a forbidding boundary wall.

4. Not exactly a brownstone

This geometrically structured facade has been given earthy tone of light brown for building harmony with nature. The boundary wall made with natural stone brings balance and beauty to the house façade making it appear like a soothing structure that relaxes its owners and onlookers.

5. The rose tinted bunglow

Bright tones are more common in classic or rustic style houses along with combination of complimenting dark tones like white, indigo or off-white. This kind of light color palette is suited to locations that have harsh summers as these colors reflect the sunlight and keep the interiors cool. As this light shade of pink symbolizes love and affection, a home painted in this tone evokes feelings of tenderness and warmth. 

6. Blue and white

Blue is a favorite color of most people in its various shades and in combination with white it lends a pleasant atmosphere of
peace and harmony to this lovely abode dressed in neutral tones. Here the upper sections of the house are in light tones while the lower sections are in blue which makes the building look tall and angular.As blue is associated with nature around us comprising of sky and water, the color brings serenity and peace to the house and the people that pass by.

7. Dark rose

Dark and vibrant colors like red, yellow, purple and pink are associated with joy and are often used in combination with earth tones and neutral colors to tone down the brightness. A holiday home that brings joy and happiness should be printed in bright tones like this and surrounded by vegetation to make it look spectacular like a rose in a bush.

8. Sunny yellow

Yellow symbolizes luxury and fun as it is the color of sun and gold both of which bring us joy. Sensible brown tones on garage doors and front gate tone down the brightness of cheerful yellow facade and providing a lovely background to green bushes.The combination of mutually complimenting colors comprising of yellow brown and white has helped in creating an attractive facade that is pleasing to the senses.

9. Magical indigo blue

As a prominent shade in primary colors, blue has approximately 110 shades that give it a timeless quality. In this eclectic style bungalow, blue may be the prominent color but it makes a striking partnership with grey and white to create a smart facade that invokes trust and comfort along with privacy.

10. Peaceful Orange

Orange combines the fire of red with harmony of yellow to form a shade that is associated with youth, energy, renunciation, creativity and enthusiasm. Orange here covers a prominent region of the stylish facade that also comprises of off-white walls belonging to the main house. The sandstone column  beside the orange wall adds to the architectural element of this house.

11. Blushing Mexican rose

A popular color among clothes and other products preferred by women, the pink tone used here is also referred to as Mexican Rose as it is a part of their traditional culture. Mexican rose has been used by several architects and homeowners in the past across the nation and in other locations.The advantage of this bright tone is that the house looks inviting and joyful within colorful surroundings.

Now that we have given ideas on unusual colors that can enhance the house facade here are some Tips on updating your facade.

Which color combinations did you like the best for the facade of your house? We invite you to share your opinion with us in the comments section be...
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