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18 Guardrail Designs to Make your Staircase Look Fabulous

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Квартира в Баку в скандинавском стиле, ILKIN GURBANOV Studio ILKIN GURBANOV Studio Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
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Some parts of our house are used every day, and yet, we don't give them as much attention as they deserve.  However, it is important to remember that for perfect home decor, it is necessary to focus on every inch of house. And one such place is the guardrails in our homes. Yes, they are incredibly functional, but that doesn't mean they cannot look good.

Today, our prime concern is to maintain the aesthetic value of the ladders. We will show you some magnificent guardrails that are bold and classic:

1. ​Simplicity and strength

There is no need of flashy and expensive materials for achieving an elegant staircase design, as proven by this subtle and sophisticated staircase .

2. ​A glass barrier

The glass guardrail here plays its role as a barrier and provides support as well and the height given to this glass elevates the aesthetic value miraculously.

3. ​Less is more

You don’t always need a huge guardrail to garner attention and this house is the perfect example. Here you have some simple guardrail and it still manages to look stunning.

4. ​Floating stairs

Once again an example of a full handrail, but the whole structure is made up of wood, giving an illusion of floating steps.

5. ​Geometry with style

The handrail of this staircase offers an elegant look with its geometric elements.

6. ​Ultra modern

When you want an ultra modern appearance for your home, this guardrail is one subtle option you can have.

7. ​Unique recognizer

For a fun look in your home, decorate the stairs with an irregular design in which colours are the ruling elements.

8. ​A magical design

A floating geometric shape has been used in this home to offer more magical feel.

9. ​A barrier

Those who love a certain artistic touch in their home, it is a strong and definite design to prefer.

​10. Wooden

Wood has been the most commonly used material in the construction of a home and this minimalist guardrail design is one absolute example.

​11. The legend of the red thread

The legend of the red thread says that twin souls are united by an unbreakable red thread  and the story has been reinterpreted in this home. So, connect your home with an unbreakable bond.

12. ​With a little light

A little magic and light can bring all the change, just like in this guardrail design. Add them directly to the banister or the stair steps beneath it.

13. ​Irregular design

Strange things are always fun and in this house, the quirky gold design has maintained the uniqueness.

14. ​Reduced to the maximum

Departamento, AT103 AT103 Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs

Create an illusion of more space with this minimalist design of the staircase. This guardrail has no grid at all and it looks perfectly complete.

15. ​A ladder camouflaged

It’s hard to guess that it’s a ladder. The striking and wide handrail design act as a breath taking piece of decoration in this house.

16. ​Strokes, strokes, and strokes

Speaking of irregular design, here you have another vertical panel, which is the real artistic element of this house. And, if you want to add a more personal touch to this room, you can add initials as well as family names to the structure.

17. ​Vintage is the new modern

The vintage style has taken over the interior design with an ability to make over the room serenely. This welcoming environment is more of a quick escape from the busy life that we are forced to live.

18. ​A network to contain beauty

A simple, elegant, and inexpensive solution is here to make your staircase a completely different space. Simply append a grid-shaped network as handrails to give greater security to the area.

And, if you want something fancier, try these decorations in your home.

Which one of these guardrail designs inspired you the most?

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