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The entrance path to your home – 6 ideas to make it nice!

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Many houses have an entrance path leading into them, which not only provides access but also adds a stunning element to the home’s façade when viewed from the street. In order to make the entryway merge with the design theme of the house, it has to be planned at the initial stages of construction. A perfectly designed path or walkway leading to a home elevates its look.

In this ideabook, we present 6 inspiring designs that will give you some tips on how to create your home’s exterior entrance path.

​1. Direct access from the street

In this tropical themed home, which has an open and friendly feel, incorporating stepping stones leading from the sidewalk directly to the entrance gate make it feel like one can walk straight into the home from the street. Outside the gate, the lush landscaping with a wooden bench not only provides people walking by a place to rest, but also presents the homeowner a wonderful place to relax and recap the day’s events while greeting passers-by.

2. Down the garden path

Nothing is more welcoming than a beautiful garden through which one walks to enter the house. In this colonial-style Spanish home, the garden seems to welcome visitors with open arms via its refreshing green lawn. The symmetry of the design, starting from the twin palm trees in front of the veranda to the matching pillars and seating arrangements on either side present a picture-perfect entrance. The equal parts of sun and shade add to the warmth of the façade.

3. Horizontal steps from the street

This entry access way is quite basic, but the combination of simple materials such as stone, iron, wood and cement provide interesting contrasts, which along with geometry gives the home a luxurious and sophisticated look. The entrance steps leading up to the main door add layers to the design.

4. Garage at the entrance

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The entry into this house is through a small porch, outside which is a large open garage with space for parking at least two or three vehicles. Visitors feel welcome as the main door is just a few steps away, once they drive up and step out of their car. It’s an especially convenient design for elderly visitors or those with small children.

5. Private pedestrian access

In a gated community or a residential complex, like this one with a Mediterranean theme, a long sidewalk from which smaller entrance paths lead to individual homes gives the impression that each house has a private access. Since vehicular entry is not possible, it also enhances the tranquillity of the setting.

6. Open access

When a home is set on a street where boundary walls between homes don’t exist, designing a walkway with stepping stones that lead to a large veranda gives the impression of open access to the home. Features such as the charming wooden pergola with a creeper entwined along its beams add a lovely tropical feel in addition to camouflaging any imperfections in the home’s exterior.

See this ideabook for some beautiful entrance doors.

Which of these entrance walkways would you like to copy? Respond in the comments.
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