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Every home needs insurance and therefore, we plan to get bars installed at our doors and windows. Sometimes, it happens that we change our mind and plan to get greater security and at such times, it becomes necessary to get iron bars that will let the breeze, and sunlight inside, refresh your home and look every bit of stylish. Thinking of this, today, we are going to show you a list of 20 models of stylish bars for doors and windows that will not only protect your home but give its due with their good designs. 

Enjoy this show at homify, brought to you by professional designers. These bars for windows range from very simple to more elaborate, some in the austere black colored other colorful, straight models with curves… you'll like! Once you take ideas you can copy the one that suits you most.

1. For a cozy air

The classic design of wooden frames and bars in black, without being elaborate has the perfect combination to make your house look first.

2. Romantic half-light

Simple bars with curve on top, curtains hanging half way and white background with the window filtering the light and providing privacy to the room, this design manages to create a very romantic atmosphere with medium light.

3. Protection, no… Artwork!

If you are a lover of art and at home, you like to have unique details, try this gate. A true work of art, which will protect the windows and doors. You can put some ornamental plants with flowers to enhance the beauty.

4. Worth royal protection

These bath proportions are royal and are illuminated in the form of two long and elegant windows. The bars are made with small round shapes, looking much like lace designs to filter the light, providing security and giving privacy to the homeowners.  

5. Baroque Forms

This design is little more elaborate and the elements used here are large curved lines that interlace with the small designs between the wider partitions. You don't need to think a lot while buying designs, just put simple designs like this in traditional homes to give a welcome and modern touch.

6. A very special wood grille

Have you seen anything so beautiful? This wooden fence that blends perfectly with the interior of this house, with the edge of the stairs, conveys a special clarity to the interior, the warmth of the material is present in the light coming from it and is perfect for protection and this corner ornament.

7. White and black

Bay Window William Morris Sill length Curtains WAFFLE Design Windows & doors Curtains & drapes

Bay Window William Morris Sill length Curtains


Sober lines, white window frames and black bars, with perfect proportion in each of its parts, is a modern and fantastic choice for this space of relaxation and rest design.

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8. Industrial and very safe style

In this industrial style kitchen with the details, the security of ground floor space, like this, is perfectly done with this meshed grille. Pretty stylish, modular and perfect for your kitchen in white.

9. In blue and white

Window homify Commercial Spaces



With vibrant blue shades, these window frames are for young spirits who mark their preferences with this color with hints of the sea, the perfect navy blue, is chosen to place the horizontal bars in white, a color palette that never loses.

10. Modern and reliable

The black color will always be elegant and modern for the details of your home. Look at these windows that mark it with perfect modulation and regulated by blinds in background for the privacy of the room.

11. More traditional with elegance

Stone wall between the window frames and wooden beams having a grid in which we have alternates in the colors gray and white horizontal crossbars in vertical with a central motif in wrought iron, is classic and elegant. All this is supplement with the rusticity of the wall texture. 

12. Group windows classic design

These beautiful windows classic design, with columns between them, have very simple and straight bars. Only the top forms arches to fit the curve of the frames, elegance that accompanies the grand piano in the room. What do you think of them? A beautiful truth!

13. modernity invades the gate

This grille for a window that occupies the entire wall from floor to ceiling, could not be more original. Its design is very modern with divisions designed as a work of art, as well as, serving protection. This one has a layout for each element that fits in perfectly in the proportions and location, a role model in your home you are projecting.

14. If you have a round window, do not leave aside

As you can see, a beautiful flower design is covering this round window grille. The concrete edge amid a rustic stone wall, this window looks so funny with that fence. Not everything has to be serious and formal, this flower design is an example of what we tell you.

15. In a traditional house, a fence with the same conditions

This gate has all the features that are placed in the windows of traditional houses with the colors on the walls and stone coverings. The grille with its top with an arabesque wrought iron finish, reminiscent of the grandmother's house, but you can also place it on a garden wall with beautiful plants under it.

16. Very modern resembling a work of kinetic art

This fence appears to be based on kinetic art. The separation between its thin bars is so little with perfect design, combined with top bars with a broader difference. It is a perfect work of grating for window, you can make it wood or metal with the same color of the frame.

17. A plot that provides shade and privacy

With the window open on a desk, the clarity is perfectly sifted, the very small structure of the gate is decorated with edges designs. Sieved light and design of the grille gives some privacy inside the room.

18. A large room with large windows

Franklin Street, New York, studioMDA studioMDA Modern living room

Franklin Street, New York


In this window, the fences have been built to cover up the entire room from start to end. Design is simple and not too unexpected but application adds depth to its meaning and presence.

19. In a special cherry red window

This window in red is very well located in a rustic style. The color gives a cheerful appearance to the stone that lies beside the window covered wall. Using a color like this for protection frames and shutters gives a cheerful outlook.

20. From floor to ceiling

When you open this window, you can see clearly what enters the room. Its protection grid allows fully opened large window. A simple but very practical design, the fence can be bought in different size for different style of the room.

Let us know your suggestions and likes.

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