12 Pictures of a stunning colonial house for an Indian family

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CASA JDM / SIARE, Oscar Hernández - Fotografía de Arquitectura Oscar Hernández - Fotografía de Arquitectura
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Casa JDM is a gorgeous and spacious colonial style house which will surely inspire you to create a similar one for your own in India. The project images were creatively captured by the photographers at OSCAR HERNÁNDEZ—FOTOGRAFÍA DE ARQUITECTURA, and they tell the beautiful story of a building crafted from stone, concrete, bricks, glass, iron and wood. The different materials lend visual interest to the residence, while two lush green courtyards offer outdoor pleasures to the owners and their kids. You will also come across vibrant colours, graceful arches, stylish furniture and unique decorative elements. This house combines modernism and tradition for a look that is classic yet contemporary.

Vintage seating

Beautifully patterned tiles on the floor, cane and wooden furniture and brick-lined arches make the seating nook earthy and delightful. A small blue niche holds a unique pineapple-shaped artefact for a playful look.

Forget-me-not blue

The brilliant blue facade stands out beautifully from its neighbours, while classic white detailing outlines the wood and glass doors and windows. Aesthetically carved wrought iron grilles add extra security and visual appeal to the doors and windows.

Rustic courtyard

The first courtyard is a charming and rustic affair that unites stone with concrete, and features lively green patches. It’s a great place for kids to play around, while the parents relax in the shaded seating area beyond the elegant arches.

Stone and glass

Bang opposite the seating area, you will come across a lovely stone double arch that takes you to the kitchen and dining areas. Glass doors with steel handles complement the stone arch uniquely, combining tradition and modernism nicely.

The other side

A sleek corridor with a stone arch leads to the second courtyard and ensures that the house experiences ample cross ventilation.

More freshness

Surrounded by whitewashed walls and brick-red door and window frames, this courtyard is a very sunny and airy place too. Lush potted plants and slatted wooden panelling along the eaves make for a rustic look here.

Modern dining

Set upon a floor lined with decorative tiles, the dining arrangement is an ultramodern affair. The open kitchen looks practical and contemporary too, while a wooden cupboard in the corner lends a vintage feel here.

Inviting living

White walls act as the perfect canvas for the patterned tiles on the floor, trendy furniture and unique masks and paintings. Sober and warm colours rule the living space and make you feel welcome, while wood and rattan elements ensure rustic charm.

Cosy den

We love how wooden slats on the ceiling allow sunlight to fill the entertainment den in this house. Practical shelves and a mix of classic and modern furnishing make this space comfortable as well as interesting.

Serene master bedroom

Equipped with a cosy bed, a vintage trunk, a vibrant rug and splashes of red, the master bedroom looks soothing and quaint. A mezzanine floor right above the bed acts as the study and studio.

Bright and beautiful

The older children’s bedroom comprises of sleek but comfy beds, sensible wooden shelves, and a cute seating arrangement for study and games. Bright floor tiles, a cheerful rug, and paintings and masks add liveliness to the space. Sun floods the room through the wooden slats on the ceiling.

Playful nursery

An old-fashioned but quaint crib, a colourful seating arrangement and tons of vibrant toys make the nursery a world full of childish pleasures.

Bold red bathroom

With small but bold red tiles lining the walls and floor, the bathroom looks glamorous and truly unique. The white tub makes a stylish contrast against the redness, while minimalist fixtures offer convenience. In-built niches come in handy for storing toiletries.

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