13 things you should not have in your kitchen

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Nobilia project 4 20mm Focus door in Glossy lacquered Ivory with a stainless steel handle, Eco German Kitchens Eco German Kitchens Modern kitchen MDF White
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Good design is essential for making kitchens functional and beautiful. While several factors go into deciding the elements that make up the ideal kitchen, starting from the size of the family to the space available for storage and display, some features are an absolute no-no as they don’t do much for the aesthetics or the practicality of the room.

Go through the 13 things we have highlighted in the ideabook to keep your kitchen looking good.

​1. Too many fruits bowls

Nobilia project 4 20mm Focus door in Glossy lacquered Ivory with a stainless steel handle Eco German Kitchens Modern kitchen MDF White Nobilia,Focus door,Gloss Ivory Laquer,stainless steel handle,U shaped kitchen,Breeze Ashen Light Quartzforms worktops,Neff oven,Neff combi microwave,Neff gas hob,Blanco silgranite sink,Blanco tap,floor to ceiling cabinets
Eco German Kitchens

Nobilia project 4 20mm Focus door in Glossy lacquered Ivory with a stainless steel handle

Eco German Kitchens

Placing a bowl of fruits on the kitchen counter certainly adds a splash of colour and brightness to the area. However, bear in mind that a bowl on each counter will contribute to clutter, and unless you consume the fruits quickly, they will get spoiled by the dust and grease in the air.

2. Flower vases on the counter

While a bunch of flowers lifts the mood in any room, including the kitchen, it’s not recommended to place a vase in the centre of the counter, where it’s likely to get knocked over or clutter up the workspace. Instead, you can place flower arrangements on the window sill.

3. Books on shelves

Although it’s tempting to have recipe books and food encyclopaedias on a kitchen shelf where you can easily access them for recipes, bear in mind that the books will get damaged over time from fumes and steam.

4. Infrequently used appliances on the countertop

Some appliances such as the coffee maker and toaster need to be used daily, so it makes sense to place them on the counter. Design storage for mixers, juicers, blenders and other devices that you don’t use regularly as displaying them on the counter not only adds clutter but also increases your chores as you will have to dust and clean them frequently.

5. Too many accessories

Resist the urge to display your personal collection of teapots or crockery in the kitchen.  The dining area is a better place to display these so that they don’t get damaged by the smoke and grease.

6. More groceries than needed

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


While storage is essential in the kitchen, sometimes too much storage can cause you to overstock your cupboards with groceries and condiments that you don’t use regularly, and before you know it, they’ll be past their expiry date and will have to be thrown out!

7. Antique silver

Old silver teapots or trays definitely add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. However, if you want to preserve them for many more years, keep them out of the kitchen to prevent them getting scratched or damaged.

8. Too many plants

It’s a good idea to add a touch of greenery to the kitchen by growing herbs in small pots, but don’t overcrowd the room with tall plants. Besides leaving a mess on the floor when you water it, the leaves will accumulate layers or dust and grime, making it difficult to clean.

9. Unused utensils

Hanging frying pans or sauce pans that are used every day is fine. However, it’s best to store utensils that aren’t used regularly so that you don’t have to bother with cleaning them to keep them sparkling.

10. Newspapers and magazines

While you might enjoy catching up on the news at the kitchen table while you wait for something to boil, avoid piling up newspapers and magazines on the counter as they will get wet and soggy from absorbing spills and leftovers.

11. Too many baskets, bowls and pitchers

Don’t use your crockery and serving dishes to accessorize your kitchen counters. They just make the room look cluttered, besides adding to your list of things to be maintained regularly.

12. Carpet on the floor

Pippy oak kitchen Churchwood Design Country style kitchen
Churchwood Design

Pippy oak kitchen

Churchwood Design

The kitchen is an area where you should avoid soft furnishings on the floor as they will get soiled from spills and splashes. Additionally, unless the carpet is skid-proof, you might injure yourself if the rug slips under your feet.

13. Knives and spoons

Childproof your kitchen by ensuring that any sharp tools are kept safely behind doors. Similarly, keep spoons and ladles inside the cabinets so that they don’t get dusty.

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