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45 Pictures of cabinets for your Indian kitchen

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Planning our kitchens can often be a turning point for most of us because it is then that we realise the importance of their practicality. This is because we are dealing with an essentially functional space, where organisation and simplicity are aspects that should be considered. With so many utensils and food to store, people are in a bit of a muddle to find innovative ideas that bring simplicity to the life of our homes.

This post is going to cover the most basic issue for your kitchens: Storage cabinets. With 45 examples of wonderful cabinets, we bring to your ideas for different sizes and tastes, with a wide range of colours, finishes and styles.

1. Install built-in ovens beneath the countertop with the sink, this will free up more space.

2. Neutral colours for cabinets give the impression that the kitchen is larger. Use the same tone at the kitchen table and in the niches for small appliances. Finish off with contrasting colours.

3. Create a corner-like cabinet that can serve two environments at the same time: crockery for coffee with friends can be in sight while objects for cooking can be hidden behind.

4. Pastel tones convey tranquillity, which have the ability to create the illusion of a larger space, leaving you with the best lit kitchen.

5. Complete the cupboard under the sink with niches and shelves on the walls. This will store more items and also act as a display for the best of your kitchen items.

6. Doors with built-in handles help preventing accidents

7. A closet with drawers and niches in the ports multiplies the space at home. The mobile is sleek with targeted lighting.

8. Rustic kitchens, cabinets with patinated or peeled doors give a traditional effect. The furniture is a testament to the passage of time.

9. Another idea for a rustic cabinet is to combine wooden doors with a painted concrete frame white. Red walls and a wooden ceiling combine very well with this style.

10. Use striking colours and tiles with modern prints. You can also mix in plants or traditional coverings such as wood and brick.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

11. The cabinet doors can combine different shades of one color. The effect leaves you with a stylish kitchen.

12. Another option is to include classic cabinets in a modern kitchen. The kitchen island can also be used to hold decorative items and cookbooks.

13. White doors are a traditional solution to having a simple, clean looking kitchen.

14. Cabinets with a stainless steel finish are more resistant to the effect of time. When combined with wood a modern vibe is instilled into the kitchen.

15. The cabinets can be created with spaces already allocated to appliances. Running from the floor to the ceiling, they allow you to utilize the space of your house to the maximum.

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16. A mix of black and white for kitchen cabinets can hardly ever go wrong. This modern solution combines well with objects displayed on hooks.

17. Supplement the illumination of the house or apartment with recessed lights in closets.

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18. Closets with different sizes can store kitchen utilities. It will be worth your while to think about the appliances you require.

19. Highlight the cupboards by coating them with different colors. It is important that the colors match however.

20. Coating the cabinets with the same material makes a small kitchen look bigger, even better if the coating is clear.

21. A cabinet with drawers and shelves of different sizes allows you to store various objects. You can even store the dishwasher or stove in the space

22. Cabinets can also be used to enhance the vintage look of a kitchen. Ironbow and patinated painting combine well with this style

23. Discreet cabinets can be beautiful when represented by vibrant colors. The key is to combine them well with other kitchen items

24. Smooth surfaces are good ideas for those who aspire for kitchens with an immaculate appearance. White is the ideal tone for this.

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25. Kitchenettes where the vessels may be exposed can be highlighted. Remember that these cabinets will also be part of the room decor

26. Modern materials such as glass, artificial stone, or Formica give the cabinets a futuristic air and are easy to clean.

27. Install spots of light that are directed to the cabinet. This makes easier the task of finding objects within the cabinet.

28. The use cabinets without handles leaves the kitchen with a clean look.

29. Closets with many niches are a good solution to organise jars and vials.

30. A good idea is to incorporate into a modern space, antique pieces. This mix of styles is charming without a doubt.

31. Cabinets can have interiors tailored to spices, food and appliances, even when their doors are part of a project of decoration with the other furniture.

32. Cabinets with doors of the same colour as the walls create the feeling that the kitchen is wider.

33. Kitchen islands can be used to store utensils. This can also serve as a food preparation space.

34. Closed cabinets can be combined with shelves. While ordinary tools are out of sight, decorative objects can be exposed

35. Doors with holes of different sizes at random positions leave cabinets brimming with personality. The holes also serve to open doors and drawers.

36. Repeat the same tone in different cabinets to give elegance to the design of your kitchen.

37. For kitchenettes, it is good to consider cabinets as part of the decoration of a social environment. Combine colors and coatings with room cabinets.

38. Decorated tableware can also be exposed in a mobile size. In this case, glass doors protect the utensils from dust.

39. Integrate the furnace as a part of the decor in a closet as this creates a practical and modern look.

40. Cover an entire wall with cabinets in order to make small rooms appear larger, especially when the furniture is of neutral and smooth tones.

41. Retro-style wood cabinets earn much charm when painted in bright, fun colors.

42.The use of neutral toned cabinets allows you to play with your kitchen walls.

43. Organic shapes leave the cabinets with a relaxed look.

44. Atmosphere ViVa

45. Lights add impressive volumes to the kitchen

Take a look at 45 kitchen cabinets to copy and make your home more practical! Try them and share your comments.

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