12 Bright ideas every Indian kitchen needs

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Families or homes that use their kitchen on regular basis tend to set in designs as per their personal convenience. This includes special storage area for spices and utensil, grains, dry rations and other essentials required. Despite the fact that a kitchen is used for cooking one or more meals a day, it is apparent that several members of the family use it nowadays. In fact, it is now used for dining, breakfast, party time with friends, cooking with loved ones and more purposes. Therefore, keeping it practical and integrating the essentials in place that are meant to be. 

Expert kitchen designers at homify understand that every kitchen has its own challenges in terms of space, layout and budget, so they are adept at creating practical kitchens that can accommodate all essential gadgets and appliances. Today, here we are going to look at the practical essentials and must haves for a kitchen as per the designers. These appliances are essential to make work easier and life smoother. No, the list does not include anything special or hard to find, but those, that are rather easy to bring but often overlooked or ignored. 

So get ready to make some space in your kitchen and give them their due value.

1. Extra counter space

A really small counter space is undesirable and often becomes a mess, right the moment you start cooking. If you have a large kitchen then it's not a big headache to have one at home but a small kitchen area requires you to act smart. Find drawers and shelves, like the one we usually have in offices, with extendible counters. Look at the picture above and you will understand what we are trying to say.

2. Storage under the Island table

Island counters are beautiful anyways, but have you ever wondered how useful and functional they can become if you can add some storage sections beneath it? Here you can place spare dishes, plates, essential and regularly used spices or items.You can also place a dustbin there to cut down the clutter without creating a mess on the the floor. Additional storage sections are never useless, especially in kitchen

3. Commercial kitchen designs

How many of you are regular viewers of cooking shows on TV? While you might have learned a lot of dishes from these shows, there is no harm if you get into the details and try to copy their kitchen arrangement and design styles. 

Professional Kitchen planners often use elements that are handy and require low maintenance like utensil hangers right over the sink. You can directly place the pans and other items in these hangers after washing. Not only it will be quick to dry but also give you peace of mind. Furthermore, commercial kitchen designs are a bit interesting and not seen in regular housing style.

4. Pull our drawers

With great ease, pull out drawers slay it all with the convenience and rationality they bring with themselves. Made out of stainless steel, these drawers are a hit when it comes to pulling out, detaching, searching or placing small items, and cleaning as well. You can now handle your crockery with ease and without breaking them every now and then. Wait not to get one for your homes. 

5. Small containers and baskets

Small containers and baskets are a useful item for the kitchens that have limited space. You can place small tools, spices, herbs, sauce and other things in them without a need of pulling out big containers daily. Further, if you gift them some dedicated space then you can save a lot of time while cooking (no need of searching the containers).

6. Narrow shelves

While the whole world is obsessed with creating deep shelves, narrow shelves and racks like this can do wonder to any small, or narrow kitchen area or gallery. Keep recipe books, knife, spoon and fork holders, cups and glasses over it and you can save a great deal of space in the cooking area. Furthermore, you can shift these racks from one place to another when you feel like.

7. Backlit shelves for glasswares

You don't have to spend million bucks to give a designer look to your kitchen. For instance, look at this backlit shelf where you can place your glasswares and flaunt them proudly. Your dinner set, glasses, tumblers, and other items deserve a better place than usual shelves and drawers. Give a life to these materials and let them shine like a crystal.

8.Trendy roof hangers

Hanging bars from the roof of kitchen are a great relief. The trendy roof bar you see here is fitted with hooks and is more visible in professional kitchens like restaurants and bars with beer mugs hanging down. Hanging storage always makes sense in kitchen areas, doesn't it?

9. Functional cabinets and doors

This pantry styled cabinet with large functional doors is the finest examples of how to make the best out of smart spaces. The neat and clean racks within the door provide you one stop solution to all the miseries you face while finding small packets and bottles in your kitchen. Give it a try!

10. Large cabinets

For a razor sharp kitchen free of clutter, it has to have sufficient storage area that can keep everything out of sight behind closed cabinet or larder doors. If you have a long counter that is rarely being used then it is best to close off the area, fit in doors and make it a storage area like this with open shelves.

11. Designer tap fixtures

A stylish curved faucet fixture like this is a strong welcome to all kinds of kitchen. Those flat and regular style taps for sink are passe these days. The best part- they do not come at high-end prices. 

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12. Black boards

No more cluttering and spoiling your tiles and fridge doors with paper slips and stick-ons, just place a blackboard and gift yourself with an all time present reminder. You can leave message, write recipes, mention the ration you need, or do anything you want with it. Do not spare your imagination from getting wild.

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