7 Interesting ideas to divide the entrance hall

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It is not impressive for a home entrance to reveal all the secrets of a house. The entrance should be designed to conceal the secrets of the interiors and to serve the purpose, you need expert assistance.

Homify today brings to you some super easy tricks to separate your home's entrance hall. Along with being functional, these ideas will also elevate the aesthetic value of the house.  So, here you have 7 interesting ways to divide the room entrance:

​1. With open shelves

If you are in a hurry to solve the problem of a revealing entrance, open shelves are the right way. Give a personal touch to your house by making the space cozy and functional. Because the shelves are soaked in white shades, the rest of the room is loaded with neutral colors and decorative elements.

The designers of this house have opted for more natural lights in order to make the place aesthetically pleasing.

2. ​With a wall system

It is typically a storage division that can be placed anywhere in the home. Here it has been used for dividing the entrance and it aesthetically holds music, library, television, and other functional elements.

With this moving shelf in the house, there is enough room for creativity too. Go appending it with your personal ideas and enjoy a fabulous entrance.

3. ​With a game of volumes

Playing with volumes and walls can make all the difference in a space. Some furniture and accessories can be utilized to make an entrance division. Here the entrance of the house is divided using an elegant table with mirror and an elevated block of the floor.

4. ​With a bridge library

In case you like to read books and have some good collection, then create a library model for it. Instead of constructing a real wall, make a book block at the entrance of the house. The combination of black and white creates all the difference by adding a modern charm to the place.

Along with improving the visual appeal of the house, this modern construction is saving a lot of problems faced by traditional architecture.

5. ​With a wall of plasterboard

Adding the wall of plasterboard is one sort of practical answer for your problems. It’s a unique solution for any home that needs a better explanation for the entrance.

Also, this separation can be achieved within no time at all and is also counted among the cheapest home addition.

6. ​With only a small furniture

If your room is small and you cannot add much to the house, a small piece of furniture is needed to isolate the entrance. Position it correctly and you can remove the view of the rest of the room that too without disturbing the view of entrance.  Note that the piece of furniture you have is neither too light nor too big. You can hardly guess what lies on the other side if you have an entrance division like this.

7. ​If you use a column house

You have a column that seems like a cross, then here is how it can be utilized. Use the space with a light gun rack on its sides.  This place can be used to store small potted plants, small sculptures, and anything that you bought as a showpiece. Here, this multi-purpose rack is dividing the living room from the rest of the rooms.

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