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7 easy and cheap makeover ideas for your home

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There comes a time when you either get bored of your house colours or you start feeling the need for extra space . And that is when you know, its time for a makeover.

Renovation has many practical benefits: it will update your residence and will bring in new excitement in your life. You can start by transforming the social area, rebuilding walls, focusing on the terrace, or by simply changing the colour and decorative elements.

Whatever you choose, here you will get a lot of options to select from:

1. ​If your room looks chaotic…

scandinavian by toki, Scandinavian

If you have a spacious room, but the chaos of furniture and absence of a particular style is making it unbearable for you. Then, you really need to stick to one particular style; else the mess will continue to grow endlessly. To end the problem you need to start from the scratch.

… ​Transform it into a cozy room

신혼집 20평대 self interior, toki toki Scandinavian style living room

The idea is to take advantage of the brightness of the sun, natural lighting, and make the space bright and airy. In this space, very few new elements have been introduced. However, the place has been reordered, unnecessary furniture has been removed and there is just a sofa and multimedia organizer. The sheerest whiteness of the wall and ceiling, along with the exquisite decorative elements add freshness to the house.

2. ​For an obscure entry without joke…

 The entrance of the home should cause an amazing impression on your guests and friends. If the foyer has lost colour and you feel suffocated and dark, then you must put the house on work.

… ​Paints alternating light coloured wall

No matter if you keep the same furniture and decorative pieces: give it a glossy twist. Try to integrate the house with some intense colors so that it pulls the attention of the entire space. The idea is to cap the threshold and create a majestic entrance. Some elements of vegetations are also welcomed here.

3. ​For a stay without warmth…

If the floor looks ugly and furniture was broken, if the social area has fallen into boredom and there is a need of defining style, you need to give a new life to your home.

… ​Invest in some furniture and lighting

It is often preferable to invest in some good quality furniture. Some good lighting is also recommended if you want to make the place spacious.

4. ​For a kitchen where the basic elements do not match with each other…

Sometimes we integrate different elements in different stages. Here the wooden floor and cabinets do not actually match with each other and surely needs a good structure.

… ​With little money and focused style: colour is the key!

Focus on a definite style with all that you have at home. Coat the floor with ceramic and decorative tiles to give a modern look. However, for a rustic look keep the floor in wood and let the cabinets be filled in glossy white colour.

5. ​If you have a wasted area…

Sometimes we are not in need of all the assets that we have and if you too have that dusty and unused corner at home, try to convert it into a magnificent TV room.

… ​Wood and plants use every centimeter

Once an unused space is now a brand new terrace surrounded by a lot of greenery. Without much effort and investment, you can have a small garden in your house.

6. ​If your bathroom looks boring…

Sometimes there is nothing to call our attention and we lose the taste automatically. If the same is happening with your bathroom, you need to remodel your bathroom.

… ​Give a touch of colour

It is not always about changing the entire structure of the house; instead, you can just integrate some good colours. The colourful ceiling here is adding to a dazzling charm here.

​7. If your house is small and old fashioned…

If you want to work from the comfort of your home and share it with your friends and family, there is surely a need of remodeling.

… ​Bigger and modern

Expand the house by adding one more floor, just like this home has been done. You can always include some new places and faces if you want to do so. 

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