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It doesn’t get much more luxurious or rejuvenating than a good, long session in the therapeutic waters of a hot spa. It’s the best part of any trip to the gym or swimming pool: the glorious,jet-fired reward that comes after a few laps of the pool, or a sweaty workout. But what ifgyms aren’t your thing? And what if all that exercise is just a bit too excessive?The good news is that you can have all the gain without the pain, and you can have it right now in the comfort ofyour very own home. Today’s spa technology pretty much guarantees that anyone and everyone can enjoy thefruits of hot, bubbling pleasure in the confines of their intimate domestic interior spaces—and the level of luxury has never been greater.

Today on homify, we’re taking a searingsplash into the world of home spas: luxurious ones, both accessible andachievable, that will take your home to the next echelon of comfort. Get ready to relax!

The ultimate whirlpool bath

Look at this magnificent spa unit just slide into this scene like it was destined to: born to be parked neatly into the doorside corner of this fabulous modern bathroom setup. Indeed, this is the sort of simple yet uber modern whirlpool spa bath that makes for an effortless choice if you're looking for something along the lines of a more classic selection. 

With deep inlay and long, eggshell design with a swoop-down rim, every time you sink deep into this bath you'll breath sighs of joy and relief that you made such a wise and timely decision. The common white bath appears simply pedestrian against this supercharged beauty. For a little extra, why not invest in the best?

How about a sauna?

It's a truth universally recognised that the Nordic cultures (Sweden, Finland, Norway) have a lot of good things going on and always have. Yes, the Vikings were impressive; so too, their clean air, their quality of life, the meatballs and the Volvos. Yet perhaps the most impressive of all the conventions of Nordic life is their love of  wood and coal-fired saunas. 

Ok, so a sauna is not a spa per se, but think of it as the spa's more refined, dryer and slightly more invigorating bigger brother. Unless you're allergic to excessive sweating, the health benefits of saunas are irrefutable; they look great, they smell great, and they make you feel fantastic. Why not combine forces and add a fabulous sauna like this compact home addition to your brand new in-house spa bath and turn your home into a bona fide health retreat?

A truly luxurious shower

Of course, all this talk of saunas and spas may be a little tough to achieve, and if that's the case then it's probably wise to strip back the outlay (in the interim at least). Instead, why not think about modifying your pre-existing setup? For example, everyone has a shower, but not everyone has this kind of shower. More than a shower, this is a monument to the morning cleanse: a shower so stunningly constructed that your skin is guaranteed to wrinkle up and sparkle with each and every wash given the length of time you'll be spending in it. 

Clean lines and an open walk-in space constructed of granite and stone blend effortlessly and harmonically with green creeper, plants and bamboo ladder—it's a Zen masterpiece, and it—or something just like it—could be your very next shower too. For all of your shower and bathroom design needs, contact a professional, and realise your washroom dreams!

It's all in the mood lighting!

No matter the contraption or technology—whether we're talking about a spa, sauna or shower—its powers and efficacy for relaxation are dramatically reduced without the appropriate lighting to go with it. Mood is, after all, everything when it comes to a space built for relaxation and rejuvenation, and lighting and mood go hand in hand. 

Here, we have a delightfully constructed shower with modern silver fittings, a wide face hand-held shower head, and moulded inlays that function as stylish storage shelves for shampoo bottles, shavers and other accoutrement. It's a neat setup. But what's really neat about it is the choice and position of its lighting: single strips, embedded deep in the top, back corner of each, adding a sultry, yellow burst of warmth to each and every shower experience. Cool, and classy.

Meditation space

Now here's something you probably don't see every day (though it'd probably be a better world if you did). Meditation goes hand in hand with spa and sauna culture: all are methods for helping us feel good and for supporting a healthy mind and spirit. While a spa and sauna might be a stretch for some (especially if living in a confined space or tiny apartment), the importance of having a space in your home where you can take time out to take a few deep breaths and rejuvenate remains ultra-important for a balanced life. 

However, not all of us have the space to make that happen. Here, we have a unique compromise: a 'cone of rejuvenation', a space within a space that allows us to mellow out and relax in our own time without taking up any additional room. Simply add mellow lighting and a comfortable chair, and you've found yourself  a fine and innovative way to get your energy levels back to optimum without the slightest hassle at all.

Steam shower

This is more like it—steam shower, anyone? For those not in the know, a steam shower is like a regular shower (in look and aesthetic, at least), except that a humidifying steam generator produces water vapour in lieu of actual streaming water. That's right, folks: this is more or less a steam room, akin to the ones you might find yourself in at the local swimming pool or gym, only that it's in your house. Who needs a shower when you can steam? Picture yourself on this charming green-tiled seat each day, letting your pores open up to the glorious humidified vapour of your very own steam room. Life truly will never be the same again.

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