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There are some parts of the home that it’s very easy to overlook when trying to think about doing things creatively. This is often the case with bathroom sinks (and, indeed, with sinks in general). It’s easy to pick a sink that’s inoffensive, and in fact most people are unlikely even notice the design of a sink unless it is either outstandingly good or outstandingly bad. The standard model is white with silver taps, probably round, and definitely unexciting. But far from being the most boring feature of your bathroom, with a little thought and exploration your sink can actually be one of the most interesting; and made all the more interesting by the fact that all departures from convention in sink design are relatively unexpected. Below are a few more original sink designs that help to prove that point.

​Hand-painted and folk-inspired

This sink defies convention in its shallow, rectangular shape, but of course more noticeable than that are the brightly coloured patterns with which it is decorated. The hand-painted designs are playful and bold enough to make the bathroom into one of the most interesting and cheerful rooms in your house. Drawing inspiration from Eastern European folk art and crafts, the sink brings with it a touch of tradition and the past; and yet it is so unconventional that it seems distinctly modern at the same time. The wooden surface beneath it suits this bold and character-filled piece very well, seeming as it does to reference a rustic design ideal and shun contemporary minimalism.

​Perfectly flawed

Departing from the common standard of the bathroom sink as a smooth, white, machine-finished and perfectly symmetrical object, this sink has something entirely more human about it. The choice of material, slightly uneven outline and irregular hand-painted black dashes around the edges all clearly seem to indicate that this was made by hand, and made with love.


The single curling line that makes up this sink is a simplified version of one of the shapes most commonly found in nature: the spiral. Completely sidestepping the trap of over-design, the form of this understated piece seems every bit as obvious and organic as that of a snail’s shell; and yet, unlike the previous sink, no sign of any natural human error has been allowed to remain here. The finished product is factory-perfect and far from attention-seeking.

​Shallow waters

The same deep blue as the Mediterranean sea, the marble surface of this unusual sink conjures images of peaceful waves and summer swimming. The impression is aided by the shallow, barely slanted form of the sink, which slopes down into the plughole like water into a whirpool.

​Fine china

There are some similarities between this sink and the first one seen in this ideabook, mostly in terms of concept; but this one if far more symmetrical and polished. Its patterns are of the sort you would usually be more likely to find on a set of crockery than on a piece of bathroom plumbing, and indeed the bowl-like shape of the sink seems to acknowledge this influence.

​Melted wax

Designer sink with cornflowers Florisa BathroomSinks Ceramic Blue

Designer sink with cornflowers


Another piece that earns extra design points for the decision to shy away from the traditionally smooth silhouette, this one comes very close to resembling a sculpture rather than a sink.

​Recycled splendour

Repurposing the beautifully ornate base of this old-fashioned sewing machine was a stroke of genius. It offers the perfect contrast to the neutral and uncomplicated sink itself.

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