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7 Pictures of shelves to inspire you for your home

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Organizing and keeping the house clutter-free is the most challenging aspect of housekeeping. The only pieces of furniture that can keep it organized are the shelves. However, no one would like to have ordinary looking boring shelves for their prized possessions: books, artifacts, or the memories frozen in frames. Isn’t it? Appreciating the usefulness of shelves in our home, we have pulled together some suggestions for functional and aesthetically done shelves for your home. It will either merge with the theme of the room or will stay apart in the décor retaining its originality. One thing we can assure you, it will look bold and beautiful. 

Have a look, set free your imagination and create one for your home.

​Vertical Stand

The vertical shelves from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall can solve many problems. It has got ample storing space for anything and everything. The best thing about these shelves is vertical moving sliding doors. Now it is up to you decide what to hide and what to show or where to keep it, in your study or office.

​The chaotic Lego

This one is for the highly creative and daring person who love to live in intended chaos and yet be organized. It gives the impression of a child playing with its Lego and the Lego just got big in shape and size. Even the empty shelf is a statement in itself and can store anything you wish.

Sliding shelf

Now this is what I think is a practical design. With shrinking space in city homes this shelf takes minimum space to keep your home organized. It can be designed in different size, shapes and can also be customized according to your personal taste. Just look for what’s hiding behind it!

Just Design

This piece of art will instantaneously capture the curiosity. It is for the ones for whom there is nothing much to display on the shelves apart from their creativity, designing aptitude and true self. Customized is according to your needs so that you can make space for books, CDs or decorative pieces in it.

​Bifurcate to Organize

This shelf has a double role to play in your home and it will excel in both. Very cunningly it divides the living space from the dining  rea and at the same time it can be used to organize your books, artifacts and decoration pieces which you want to flaunt for the guest and will hide the stuffs that you don’t.

​Interesting Curve

This shelf compliments the decor of the room and flows with its philosophy. The design is for the young and interesting soul who refuses to follow the straight path. The curves of the shelves provide sufficient space to store the books in an interesting way.

​Practical and lucid

This is something new and practical design. Each shelf is organized on a common frame but is independent from one another. Each can be opened and used as an independent shelf and if don’t need it don’t open it. Use your imagination and it can transform into a mischievous shelves.

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Which shelf would you like to have in your home?

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