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People with deep pockets may be able to afford large expensive kitchens with modern electrical gadgets and fittings but that does not mean that people with lesser means have to satisfy themselves with small and ugly kitchens. With the help of new materials and design techniques people are now able to afford kitchens within their budget that also suit their taste and requirement. In this ideabook we shall showcase some of our best kitchen designs which have wood as the primary material that endow these areas with warmth and personality.

1. Space optimization with U design

Wood covers this kitchen from floor to ceiling making it a warm wholesome unit that wraps the entire area regardless of its varied dimensions. The U shaped layout makes use of every inch of available space by making open shelves above the counter for extra storage that give the kitchen an elegant and distinguished finish.

2. Wood for cozy atmosphere

Wood has been an essential part of home construction since humans started living out of caves and has retained its importance till date due to its versatility.  Though now fewer complete home structures are made out of it, wood still plays an active role in interior decoration and furniture. Here a large section of the kitchen's interiors including the cabinets, shelves and dining table have been  fashioned out of wood.

3. Combination of wood with other materials

When wooden furniture is included in the kitchen it becomes a warm and comfortable space that is perfect for informal meetings  with family and friends.

4. Elegant central island

Irrespective of the size of a kitchen you can always bring in wooden kitchen accessories to manage problems of storage and organization. This kitchen island’s primary function may be cooking but the wide wooden drawers below it will provide sufficient storage area for a long time.

5. Bright and Luminous

The white walls and steel gadgets in combination with wood cabinets in light tones give a sophisticated and fresh look to the modern kitchen. When kitchens are small it is best to use light neutral toned materials so that the environment looks bright and spacious.

6. Modern and stylish

Wood is a material that adapts to any decorative style, from rustic, minimalist and vintage to the most avant-garde as visible in this fashionable kitchen.

7. Noble by nature

As wood is an environment friendly material that is both recyclable and biodegradable it is ideally suited for long term use. In this elegant industrial style kitchen, wood in multiple shades has been applied which creates pleasant and aesthetic atmosphere. 

8. Elegance maximized with darkwood

If you think that a stylish kitchen like this with marble counter-tops looks smart due to shiny laminated cabinets then you would be pleasantly surprised to know that all the cabinetry here is made of dark wood. Kitchen manufacturers have made an enchanting combination by using wood in its natural tone along with steel and marble.

9. Functional furniture

There are many interesting ways to include wood in a modern kitchen and the most popular one among them is to make wooden cabinets that can be fitted above the kitchen counter or below it for storage. These cabinets can help to organize all essential kitchen implements and dishes.

10. Achieving unity and harmony

If the kitchen is large and spacious you can also include furniture under the work surfaces like small stools and chairs. When the furniture is in wood like the counter and shelves here then style and harmony of the kitchen will be maintained.

11. Wood beams

The exposed structures in this kitchen like roof beams, columns and window frames may bring a rustic air into the region but cannot reduce the modern décor that is maintained by stylish accessories and furniture.

12. Wooden dining set for paternership

When a kitchen is part of open floor setup with kitchen, living room and dining area located in the same rectangular hall then decorator should maintain some measure of similarities between the layout which could be in the form of furniture or background.To match the eclectic style of kitchen designed in wood, the dining area furniture has been created out of hardwood bringing a stylish edge to the region.

13. In partnership with bright steel

Wood in this modern kitchen makes a harmonious combination with steel in the form of modern appliances that look spectacular against the laminated surface of shelves. The steel cylindrical chimneys above the cooktop make the region appear like a futuristic lab instead of an ordinary kitchen.

14. Island as the protagonist

Islands with shelves and drawers built into them are a common sight in most rustic kitchens as most of them are small and lack sufficient storage area when the family needs more space. Here one section of it has been turned into a trendy breakfast bar with stylish wooden stools that retain its sophisticated touch.

15. Small vintage touches

Wood here gives an modern look to this kitchen with vintage style floor tiles and wall decor. This combination of blue and white floor with neutral walls and floor looks sensational with wooden cabinets and island as we can see.

16. Glowing white kitchen

White minimalist kitchens have an aesthetic appeal as they represent cleanliness and luminosity which are pleasing to the senses. The addition of light toned wood with minimalist grains here has brought warmth to a pristine kitchen would otherwise have looked more like a hospital kitchen.

17. Natural beauty

Wooden kitchen furniture need chemical treatments to make them resistant to moisture, heat and stains, so they can be expensive when compared to synthetic furniture. Laminate wood furniture is an excellent alternative if you want to have wood in the kitchen.

18. Sensational shelves

Open shelves can also be applied to the walls of a kitchen to meet shortage of storage area which can help to organize and keep the region free of clutter. When charming wooden shelves like these are made they help to make the kitchen smart and neat.

19. Lovely walls

Cladding the kitchen walls with wood will make the region look warm and welcoming if not look spectacular. The walls of this kitchen have been fitted with electrical kitchen appliances in a sleek and fashionable manner which will steal your breath.

20. Minimalist elegance

Wood is a commonly used material in both minimalist and classic style kitchens as it gives character and personality to the region.  In this kitchen the textured wood cladding on walls creates the perfect setting for sparkling white furniture.

21. Combine modern and traditional

Concrete is a modern construction material that was discovered after wood but gained more importance due to its strength and ability to build multi-storied buildings. But the growing importance of concrete has not diminished the importance of wood and here its partnership with concrete looks beautiful.

22. Lacquered glow

Wood kitchens do not have to be in their natural state to be an active part of the kitchen and they can also be lacquered or painted in different colors to suit the local environment. This vintage kitchen with wooden stools and background décor is part of the retro appeal of the house.

23. Lovely warm kitchen

The natural and cozy appearance of wood here is enhanced by the stylish drop down artificial flowerpots from ceiling with flowers right above the breakfast bar.. The teakwood shelves and cabinets in make an endearing contrast against the white walls and ceiling  bringing the aura of bygone all wood cabin kitchens to the room. 

Planning to remodel your kitchen? Then select with care as Choosing the right materials for your kitchen is as important as finding reliable general contractors.

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