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K HOUSE KIRON CHEERLA ARCHITECTURE Asian style kitchen Plywood Brown
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Designed by Kiron Cheerla Architecture, this house is a quintessential example for someone who absolutely adores wood and wants to include it in his house in maximum ways possible. Built over three storeys, this house in Hyderabad has exemplified the creative use of wooden interiors and exteriors. The entire décor of the house is done with wood as the protagonist. A typical country style approach is followed which uses ample natural light, stone finished flooring and of course, wood. Let’s take you on a tour of this stand alone beauty.

Wooden Exteriors

Even from a far cry, this house boasts of sophistication and elegance. The ingenious use of patterned wooden slabs both vertically and horizontally, engulfs the whole house in its glamour and stands out as a proud highlight of this residence. All the storeys are provided with well-lit balconies that are partially but stylishly covered with wooden designs for extended privacy.


Wooden cabinets and drawers are employed in the kitchen that give the appearance of geometrical boxes well laid in symmetry. Darkly tinted granite countertop forms a perfect unison with the dark flooring that together highlight the wooden designs and patterns. A huge source of natural light is created in the form of a glass window that brings freshness and brightness to the area.

Living room

Wood and nature go hand in hand and this thought is perfectly ideated in the living room. This room employs wooden wall tiles and flooring that beautifully shimmers in the company of natural light through the glass windows. By using the minimalist approach, the designers have given full credit to wooden designs which otherwise remain as an unsung hero in most cases. A colourful painting adds a tad bit of brightness, which blends in well with the interiors and does not overpower the earthy aura of the room.


The hallway is as important a part as other rooms. In this case, the hallway is perfectly sky lit, which happily unfolds its goodness in other parts of the house as well. In line with the wooden interiors, the intricately designed stairs are also carved in wood that take you to the top floor with utmost elegance. The loft and attic areas of the house are intentionally painted in mute colours to further intensify the power of wood.


The bathroom is again a beautiful blend of wood and stone finished flooring. It incorporates the same flooring tiles on the walls, creating a swarthy atmosphere. The white sanitary ware and glossy metal fixtures impart a contemporary flair. A further pop of brightness is added with the ceiling suspended red lamps that glorify the whole place during nights.


A wooden cabin or house will be incomplete without a patio. Built in the top storey, the patio brings warmth and cosiness in the house. It is the ultimate place to perch in the natural world of soothing sunlight and fresh air. The glass doors and windows perfectly solemnize the marriage of interiors with the exteriors.

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