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Impressive corridors to add style to your home

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Although hallways and corridors are the central part of a home, they are often ignored when the house is renovated or decorated. Technically, this is the space that connects various parts of the house and improves the functionality of the entire house. And, this is the reason why it deserves to be decorated with equal attention.

Here we are going to discuss some beautiful corridor projects imparting incredible ambiance to the house. Traditional designs, green decorations, and minimalist styles, you will get every sort of corridor designs here.

1. ​Optical illusion

This hallway is appropriate for smaller households as it acts like those extra spaces where you can sit for a little gossip. What makes it more special is the colourful pattern which is creating an optical illusion. Even if someone gets a glimpse of this corridor, the remarkable features of this corridor are going to impress them. Pair it with round stools and family portraits to give a perfectly decorated look.

Bright colours are appreciated when you are creating the illusion of bigger space and the execution of this corridor is a quick inspiration.

2. ​Highly function

If there is a scarcity of space in your house, you will need to utilize the hallways in the best way possible. The designers of this house have converted the hallways into a bookshelf, which is highly practical. Not just it is increasing the efficiency of the house, but also adds to the classic ambiance.

If you nicely use this area, it can hold all the books you have and with just a few lights and carpets, it can be turned into the study area also.

3. ​Classic Show

This can be one of the best designs you can choose for the corridors of the house. With a minimalist style, it has given enough room for a nicely managed space. Instead of hanging the posters, leave it standing on the floor and it can impart a classic look to the corridor. Some antique furniture and lights can also be added to the area, giving it an enchanting look. The corridor here has several posters standing on the floor in varying sizes. Each of it bears the shades of black and to complement it stands the lamps.

​4. Warm corridor in red

If you want to give a warm touch to the corridor, use the shades of red and orange. Both these colours are capable of providing unrivalled warmth to any house. To match the colours, elite lighting units will be the best bait.

A small chandelier full of crystals can be one glamorous choice here. The corridor of this house connects all the rooms and to utilize the space, some shelves are created for books. While the one wall has bookshelves, the other one holds some big portraits on it.

5. ​Add mirrors

Decorative mirrors are known for giving an illusion of more space. The designers creatively took this fact and designed the corridor with utmost elegance.

While the one side of the corridor displays full-size mirrors, the second side has three glossy white flower vases. In a short description, this corridor has the perfect welcoming decoration.

​6. Carpet in the corridor

As corridors these days are generally used for common utility, it is hardly carpeted. Never consider it as the waste of money and opt for a vibrant carpet.

The carpet here tells a completely different story in the shades of red and black. This corridor is even right from the aspect of functionality with a more appropriate seating arrangement and cabinets. Yellow and gray flowers make a colourful display against the timber roof and add class to the white walls.

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