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Wrong decisions people make in small bathrooms

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Every decorator accepts the simple fact that small spaces require small changes to change their style quotient and regain lost luster if the change is carried out with perfection. Giving new look to different sections of the house does not always involve drastic measures like demolition of walls or breaking down doors and windows. Although some solutions require expert assistance, many ideas can be implemented independently and in an inexpensive manner. To make a noticeable change in a small bathroom that does not involve rebuilding the entire region, house-owner can indulge in  small noticeable changes. These could be steps like selecting new location or changing design of basic essentials like shower, toilet, sink and counter. 

To recreate a better bathroom in the same limited area, planning has to be done to avoid cluttering the region with unnecessary equipment. In this ideabook we shall focus on some common errors people make while redecorating or redesigning small bathroom so our readers can avoid them.

Bad Decision 1: Ignoring patterns

Small designs and patterns are ideal for small bathrooms as large ones like these tend to overwhelm the space and make it seem smaller than its actual size. Neutral tones and small patterns are ideal for small bathrooms whether they are being used on walls or bathtub and counter.

Bad Decision 2: Fitting sink in the wrong place

Bathroom designers have an unwritten rule about fitting the sink in the corner instead of the middle as otherwise it blocks free movement within the bathroom. Even if the sink is placed close to the shower it should not block the way pathway or door attached to the shower.

Bad Decision 3: Shower doors

Shower doors that open inward and outward in small bathrooms are really impractical as they block precious floor space. It is better to fit either a curtain or sliding doors on the sides like here to have privacy.

Bad Decision 4: Traditional square basins

As far as essentials fittings are concerned oval accessories and floating equipment work best in small bathrooms as they meet requirements within limited space. A washbasin of unique shape and other such stylish accessories will make the elegant bathroom a welcome place to be in.

Bad decision 5: Use the floor as a space for toiletries

If there is limited space in the bathroom cabinets for toiletries and other essentials that are used frequently in the area then these tend to be kept in the corners on the bathroom floor. Objects like cosmetics and cleaning products spoil the neat look of the bathroom. It is advisable to extend cabinets till the wall edge or ceiling and create sufficient storage space to keep the bathroom floor free of clutter.

Bad Decision 6: Small mirror

Mirrors perform a very critical role in small rustic bathroom like this to optically widen the space. Large mirror over the counter or washbasin will perform twin functions for small bathrooms one of which is reflecting light from window and another is reflecting light from lamps both of which will create illusion of a wider space.

Bad decision 7: Rack for towels

Storage space in a small bathroom requires smart solutions. Instead of using the space for an optional additional rack or even the cabinet, just implement a few handles for towels around the shower cabinet or wash basin which can be used after a bath. The dry ones can be keep in the closet in another room close to the bathroom.

Bad decision 8: Inappropriate sink

Worried about  finding the perfect sink design to fit into the small bathroom? Instead of trying to fit in standard large bathroom fittings , decide on a narrow design like here that fit the counter and also look trendy and modern.

Bad Decision 9: Avoiding Cabinets

Sometimes in their excitement to make the bathroom spacious and stylish, people do not fit in cabinets which can make life difficult. The addition of even one small cabinet can completely change the bathroom as cabinets help to hide the towels, bathroom accessories, cosmetics and toilet cleaners.

The wrong decision 10: under-bay

In a small bathroom it is almost criminal to waste space be it on the floor or on the wall. Here you see how a toilet has been fitted under a sloping roof for maximum utilization of space. 

Here are  Essentials Every Bathroom Needs to help rest your worries about essentials to include in the region.

Do you think some more ideas can be added to this list? Do let us know in your comments below.

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