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7 Ways to decorate your home with symbols of Good Luck

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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There are many signs and symbols around us that are considered lucky and a few are known to bring good fortune. Some people also believe that these symbols can heal sickness and shun away most of the problems we face in our day to day life.

Today, we will be focusing on some of these auspicious signs. Let’s see what’s the right ways to add these signs into your home.

1. Fish

Whether it is Hindu mythology or Buddhism, fish is one such sign that is known to bring wealth, growth, power, wisdom, and long life. Kept in a bowl, ponds, or just a lifeless statue, it will bring good omen to your home.

In this room, a beautiful fish statue is placed on the table and to brighten the place, there are scented candles all around the place. Flowers, lights, candles, and plants, every little piece of this room is meant to bring positive vibes.

2. Buddha

The term Buddha relates to the “awakened one”. Lord Buddha gave up his lavish lifestyle to discover the meaning of true life and his story inspires us to liberate all our sufferings. Open, enlightened, and compassionate, these can be the quality you can attain by making Buddha your inspiration.

Here the statue of Buddha lies just behind the couch, giving a direct view to anyone who enters the house. Carved out of stone, this statue is bringing in a lot of positive vibes.

3. Elephants

The elephant is known as the symbol of power and strength. It is praised for its stamina, enthusiasm, and loyalty. You can always place symbols and statues of elephants in your room, just make sure that it suits the ambiance of the room.

This room has the poster of elephants hanging on the wall. You can easily get such posters and cushions online to serve both the spiritual as well as decorative purposes served. For a rich spiritual look at the house, there are some silver petals and bird statue too.

4. Stag

The stag is the king of the forest and the protector of all the other creatures. Deer are the direct reference to the teaching of Buddha in the deer park. In the Tibetan tradition, some of the monasteries have the symbol of deer on both sides of the Dharma-wheel.

5. Footprint of Buddha

Usually, it is the footprint of Buddha, but this house has a foot acting as the ruling element of the entire space. Earlier, it was the replicas of the actual footprint of Buddha, but nowadays, it is not possible to find one. Hence, you can get something that looks like the foot of the Buddha. As it is all about good luck, it is surely going to bring prosperity in your life.

6. Swan

Swan symbolizes beauty and grace on many levels. At some extent it is also related to music and poetry, and these two elements are known to bring harmony in the house.

Not just a symbol, these are beautiful also a beautiful option as decorative element and you can always find some interesting statues around you.

7. Candles

We have not seen a better way of enlightening the room and this candle statue breaks all the boundaries of creativity. Place it in any corner of the house and it will establish a different charm of the whole house.

Try adding some of these symbols and maintain the harmony of the house. For more expert ideas, click here.

Which one of these good luck symbols do you already have at home?
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