Benefits of sturdy and stylish timber furniture

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Steeped in history and full of organic elegance, timber is a versatile material that incorporates itself into our domestic spaces effortlessly and stylishly. What better way to decorate and furnish that with sturdy and robust timber equipment? Not only does it look superb, but it will last and remain timeless, while injecting a sense of durable sophistication into your domestic space. But how to choose your timber furniture? Pick an environmentally friendly retailer that fabricates their products using sustainable timber, and ensure the construction of your piece is sound, solid, and reliable. If in doubt speak to the salesperson (and if they're unable to answer your questions, it is likely you will want to shop elsewhere).

For some nifty design and décor suggestions, take a look over the following stylish and exciting examples below, and choose timber for your next domestic furniture purchase.

Easily incorporated country character

Hand Pinted Farmhouse Table Rectory Blue Dining roomTables hand painted table and chairs,painted farmhouse table and chairs,painted farmhouse table and chairs
Rectory Blue

Hand Pinted Farmhouse Table

Rectory Blue

Who can say they don’t adore the fresh air and spaciousness of country style living? Now, although most of us do not have the benefit of lush rolling green hills, but instead reside in smaller city flats and homes, we needn’t lose our country aspirations altogether. Infuse a sense of cottage and country living with some furniture that exudes a relaxed unfussy air, along with style, and shabby quaintness. This dining set is a wonderful example of rustic yet clean style. The table is painted white with a beechwood top that creates contrast and interest to the piece, Add classic white chairs and you will have yourself transported to the countryside in no time.

The perfect reading and writing space

The art of handwriting might be disappearing with the advent of technology, but we needn’t forget the benefit of a nice, thoughtful, handwritten letter or note—ergo, a good writing space is essential to any home or domestic space. Now you may not relish penning a letter to someone, but a solid and sturdy timber writing desk can be so much more. Equip your desk with a soft hued lamp, some floral blooms and a few good books. Before long you will have yourself a space that is versatile, useable, and adaptable to accommodate every member of the family easily and stylishly.

Secure and spectacular bedroom space

Robust and sturdy timber furniture need not be traditional or old-worldly in style and design, this beautifully creative bed displays a strong presence, whilst looking stylish and contemporary. If you are looking for a statement piece for your home, then look no further than a four-poster bed. Constructed with light toned timber the posts are robust and heavy, but the result is a piece of furniture that is unobtrusive in appearance and elegantly whimsical.

Majestic bathroom style

The Senator Bath BC Designs BathroomBathtubs & showers
BC Designs

The Senator Bath

BC Designs

The bathroom is the relaxing and tranquil centre of the home, it is the place to rest one’s weary bones and soothe the body after a long and hectic day. For this reason, the bathroom needs to be a space that is useable, practical, stylish and above all, enjoyable. This wonderful example displays a washroom that is opulent, but nevertheless incorporates an air of practicality and effectiveness. The grand timber vanity offers this bathroom a focal point, and contrasts beautifully with the white surroundings. Furthermore, it is equipped with plenty of storage to keep everything clean, spotless, and in its right place.

Rustic chalet living

Conversely, this timber bed is spirited, strong and oozing with rustic charm and appeal. Chalet-esque in style, this piece of timber furniture exudes a sense of opulence despite its roughness. Carefully designed and evoking an air of thoughtfulness and resilience, this sleeping space creates a lodge-like ambience and allows the occupant a feeling of fantastical faraway-ness.

A timeless kitchen

Finally, the sturdy timber kitchen, a timeless and age-defying home addition. This kitchen is beautifully presented and incorporates a good helping of painted timber to create a practical island, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. To emulate this in your own space, add contrasting robust timber breakfast stools, and sleek appliances. Match these elements with heritage or classic style joinery to infuse your space with an ambience of style and enduring beauty.

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