7 small homes you'll want for yourself

Camila Boschiero—homify Camila Boschiero—homify
Малогабаритная квартира, Elena Arsentyeva Elena Arsentyeva Scandinavian style kitchen Wood Grey
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We have 7 alternatives of small homes for you. The funny thing regarding this selection, which was guided by professional architects, is that we want them all! We really do. We are sure you will gasp at all 7 homes. We know there is a real tendency to go for smaller living, but these professionals and designers are making an art form with architecture and interior design, and let us not even get into furniture…  

Today we take a look at 7 different homes around the world that will inspire you to go smaller or go home. An article for all tastes! Shall we? 

1. Modernity meets the country side.

Tucked away in the country side, this small prefabricated home is ideally cozy home made up of wood and glass walls. A magnificent way to blend into nature. Are you gasping yet? 

2. Something traditional.

Similar to the first home we showed you. This house is also prefabricated and is tucked away in the woods. Made up of wood and glass materials, it also maximizes the daylight and nature into the home. This just shows how wonderful prefab homes can be. The vertical wood panels gives it a different unique design.  

3. Minimalist to the core.

Simple or neutral spaces does not have to be boring. A blank canvas is how you usually take on a work of art. What this kind of neutrality does to a home is to expand and allow all natural light, turning this into a unique piece of art in itself. That second floor with its cleverly put skylight just adds another dimension to this wonderful modern minimalist silver appliance, white walls, and wood floors. Pretty breathtaking. 

4. For something a little more rustic.

We here at homify are fans of the rustic style, because there is nothing like the rustic decor that brings a sense of nostalgia to most. Homey, comfy, snugly are all words associated with the rustic style. But this kitchen offers more, not only it gives out a positive rustic vibe it is designed with modern elements, such as those appliances, that amazing backsplash made up of white subway tiling, the industrial pendant lamps and we could go on… But this picture is definitely worth a thousand words. 

5. A modern touch.

We have a combo at work here. Not all multi-functional spaces are cramped or ill-designed. In this example we have a living area that is also a dining are. A whole in the wall connecting the kitchen to the dinning-living area. Pretty genius, don't you think? The use of neutral and modern Scandinavian like furniture with a couple of pops of color just adds sophistication to this home. We are convinced! 

6. Nothing more eclectic than this.

We now enter an eclectic home. This is just incredible. Why? The interior designers have managed to  mix and match design styles to make this an incredible cozy living-modern space. It is wonderfully eclectic but elegant. 

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7. For the best of views.

Small homes that we fall in love with are the ones that appropriate the space to its maximum. Such as this particular space of this home. We have a terrace, a hanging hammock, a library space, divided extremely well, each place has a function. We are truly amazed at the divisions of these small apartments and how well each room flows into the next. 

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