10 economical kitchens for Indian homes

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When one is budget during house construction making right decisions is imperative to stay on track and fulfill as many demands as possible. As house construction is carried out on the basis of architectural drawings which are made on the basis of space available for construction and specification you have to plan everything well in advance to avoid hassles and expense of rebuilding or modification. Thought limited space and budget may not help in designing the kitchen of your dreams there are ways and means to make the region meet at least a large percentage of your expectations if not all. In this ideabook we have listed out 10 creative ideas that will activate the creativity of your brain and allow you to create the perfect design for your drean kitchen.

1. Combine laminated surfaces with wood

Small kitchens tend to get crowded without proper planning and require right mix of utensils, appliances, shelves, counter and cooktop to have a harmonious work area where cooking is a pleasure. This choice of colors is not a problem, as long as the overall palette is in neutral tones like here wherein cabinets are a lovely shade of crimson. The light tone of the wooden floor compliments the counter of natural stone with gentle patterns and the shiny white wall.

2. Kitchen in wood

Wood may be considered a material suited to classical kitchens but it never goes out of style due to its flexibility and beautiful finish. Here is a classic white country style kitchen with beautiful cabinets and sandstone counter that forms contrasts of shades with the background wall and cabinets. The hardwood floor acts as a fitting finish to the country kitchen which brings together old and new in a seamless manner without making the transition obvious.

3. Spacious and well lit

Lighting is a basic necessity for any kitchen to make it the perfect place for cooking meals and storing food which can either be done by combination of natural and artificial resources. While kitchen planners always try to have window/s in the region for free flow of air and sunlight during the day, sometimes combination of natural and artificial lighting is required to maintain required amount of brightness in the kitchen even during the day. In this lovely kitchen, multiple artificial lighting systems have been used which give the environment a welcoming and radiant feeling.

4. Kitchen cabinets with small handles

To divert focus from lack of space in a small kitchen several other details can be attached to the region besides giving it a neutral color palette. While glass back-splash with lights behind it or below cabinets bring a stylish edge to the kitchen, trendy cabinet handles also add to the glamor. Though cabinet handles are available in wide variety of materials and designs in the market today, antique brass ones like the one here fitted into light toned cabinet doors enhance the country look of the kitchen.

5. Embrace bright colors

While building their kitchens people are afraid of choosing strong colors for cabinets and cupboards for fear of making their kitchen look garish and outrageous. But this dark toned kitchen with white walls and white counter adds depth and beauty to the overall layout when partnered with black table and chairs that are placed close to the counter.  You can see how the bright red makes the kitchen positively glow against perfect contrast of white walls and ceiling. The large windows facing the wash area above the counter add functionality and style to the kitchen.

6. Back to nature with wood and stone

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Using natural materials instead of artificial ones has become the latest trend among home-owners and designers to make the kitchen aesthetically appealing. While some opt for to the rough brick look, here the kitchen manufacturers have used a combination of stone and cement for the natural look. The small kitchen has a modern tiled floor and multiple counters with granite outline and wooden cabinets that gives a trendy vibe to the region.

7. Small but multipurpose kitchen

Though most people like to have a large kitchen sometimes they may have to add extra equipment to achieve the large space that they require. While adding dining table and chairs or breakfast bar to the kitchen is a common practice, sometimes a washing machine also may be fitted in to make it a completely multi-functional area. Here we see how all the necessary electrical equipment has been fitted into the kitchen with drawers and cabinets along with a washing machine in the far corner so that all activities can be done without problems.

8. Be adventurous and dynamic

Never be afraid about experimenting with new things in the kitchen, use unique color combinations, furniture and decorative elements to showcase your dynamic spirit.  In this image we can see how Aum Architects designed a beautiful kitchen with cabinets in orange and white laminate along with a couple of transparent shelves with glass door. The white tiled backsplash with slim print of fruits compliments the kitchen ensemble that also includes thick granite counter.

9. Small kitchen with light tones

Kitchen in Black and White homify Modern kitchen

Kitchen in Black and White


Living in a small apartment with a small kitchen does not mean that you compromise on style and comfort. Use of light tones like the one here gives form and space to a small region making it look spacious and large. Ask the carpenter to make food pantry with transparent sliding doors that give illusion of space and make wall cabinets tall till the ceiling for larger storage spaces.

10. Breakfast bar with lots of personality

Modern "Classic White" themed Home , Aegam Aegam Modern kitchen

Modern Classic White themed Home


Bored of the plain old kitchen with counter, cabinets and refrigerator? Why not give it a trendy twist with a breakfast bar that can be an extension of the cooking region or the kitchen island. In this example we can see how the designers have created stylish atmosphere, with trendy island and breakfast bar that also functions as a storage region.  This kitchen has its own strong character thanks to the stylish wooden floor which is enhanced by the breakfast bar of personality.

If these kitchen designs have encouraged you to redecorate your kitchen then let us feed you with some more Dynamic Kitchen Ideas to fulfill your dreams of an ideal kitchen.

Which kitchen idea did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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