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A small home that will amaze you!

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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If you say comfort, elegance, and style, surely the very first thing that comes into your head is a Parisian place, but if you say that there is a small apartment of 22 square meters(236 square feet) and you need to fit in the Parisian style within it, then we would say why not. Do you believe us?

This time, we approached a charming reconstructed apartment done by the hands of designer Marion Rocher who achieves a beautiful studio that prioritizes the optimization of space and storage and also gives a comfortable arrival to the bed area, located on the mezzanine. That is- a study in just 236 sq. ft. brings comfort, style and efficiency. How achieved? In this book of ideas, we tell you all.

An Idea Executed well

The main idea of the project was to maximize the space, so as to build a studio where you can meet the basic needs of housing, including the fact that you need a free and spacious place to sleep. With this in view, a mezzanine, where the rest area will be located, was created. It can be seen that, although ladder was necessary and could have taken up a lot of space, the space under it has been robbed for gaming and working purpose.

While the idea was rebuilt to adapt to specific needs, its charm is maintained by the old wooden beams preserved as parquet floor, giving it a cozy feel in the great contrast between black and white base colors that carry this elegant department. What a warmth!

A gray love

In the  kitchen, while respecting the range of aforementioned colors, gray stands out and dominates the atmosphere, even on the floor. Do not let small star shaped design go unnoticed on the floor, giving a unique and unexpected touch to the kitchen.

A small cooking area with all the essentials and a beautifully settled counterop is all we need. Few things to view on small shelves that make storage location and decorative time, other hidden within the gray furniture, such as the refrigerator. A monochrome kitchen with complete delighting details.

Few meters, much comfort

The bathroom, despite having few meters, has all the amenities like that of a large bathroom, and black predominates the walls giving it a touch of elegance and modernity, as in the kitchen, the starry floor gives originality and the truth is- we love how it looks in the bathroom. 

The style of this bathroom would not be complete if they were not two materials that are always a hit and being surrounded by black. This bath brings distinction: the glass screen for easy cleaning when using the shower and chrome faucets and lights, that special glow in every corner of the bathroom gives it a modern and elegant.

Eclectic and Harmonious

The living room features a pretty funny contrast. Black and white again dominate here but this time detailed color burst to create an eclectic and modern style. Colored cushion on the chair gives a break from the total black color shock. Small tables that overlap with style is a great resource in small apartments, but not everything is modern here. An antique table combines perfectly with the Venetian mirror, floor, and wooden beams. 

In this, there is nothing introduced without thinking, windows framed in black make up the view of the small terrace that enter the scene with its vibrant colors.

An oasis in the city

In Paris, as in any big city, an outdoor space is a luxury, and this balcony is no exception. A small terraced balcony maximized, even creating a space and environment to eat in the most beautiful days. Perennials make all year and provide beauty and life. We can see how the designer took advantage of outdoor furniture to match the color touches that interior provides: fuchsia and violet burst into life in that little balcony that is not deprived of anything.

Every corner well thought

As we said, the ladder does not detract place; but actually gives a very unique and useful touch to the part that is underneath it, built with an open structure so that the light is utilized to the maximum. Under it, drawers are created that, besides being storage place, also make extra seating, or even where to place the TV cabinet. 

We can also see small irregular niches at the beginning of the ladder library, ideal to create a reading space taking advantage of the great lighting that gives the balcony corner.

More surprises…

We got to the room, which has before it, a dressing room, the small room is reminiscent of a nest with the bed in a place surrounded by an open wall that not only supporst the containment but creates a headboard that also it is used bedside table. 

The best thing about this room? Lighting that enters through the windows onto the balcony but at night the window in the ceiling gives a unique show with stars as protagonists.

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We loved the tiny bathroom. What's your favourite?
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