Inspiring TV room designs for your home!

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Whether you want to catch on an entire series of your favorite show or just a glance at news, the ambiance around you should be right. Today, television forms an essential part of the home, after all, it is the place where the entire family comes together. That is why it is important that the decor of TV room be just perfect.

Here we bring to you 7 inspiring TV room designs:

1. ​A perfect living room

Gone are the days when bulky TV sets were placed in wooden cabinets, now it is about mounting a sleek television on the wall. The entire place is beautifully enlightened, creating a sense of functionality.

This room has a 5-seater couch, chairs, 2 seater sofa, and low-height center table to offer a theater feel. The predominant light shades match well with the hues of the room and we like the little colour pop-ups too.

2. ​Perfect alignment

Rustic and modern charm has been combined in this home. While the front wall is in brick form, the panel holding the TV is glossy white. Glass and wood tables are placed in front and to enlighten the room there is a sparkling chandelier.

3. ​A vibrant room

The designers of this room have kept the interior light and bright. Aqua coloured lamp and pink cushions are the highlights of this living room and to add to the charm, there is a landscape portrait on the wall. The TV is placed on a simple white wall and it provides a great contrasts to the colorful room.

You can even Mount shelves and decorate it with plants, art pieces, and funky decors. In contrast to the decorations, you can place a rectangular TV as per your choice.

4. ​Purple room

Mounting the television on the wall allows you to install the television at a desired height. It is also a space saving technique as you don’t actually need special furniture. If you wish to mount the TV, make sure you have left the cables within the wall. This purple room has a television mounted on the walls without any sign of chaos.

5. ​Classic built in

In case you don’t want the television to rule the entire space, consider incorporating a statement piece like the sofa of this house. The blood red coloured couch of this room is the statement piece here and it has successfully elevated the ambiance of the room. Sideline design of the TV panel is allowing the TV as well as the shelves to take a ruling space.

6. ​Suspended in acrylic

This TV cabinet has a friendly aspect due to its minimalist design. The TV area of this house is joining both the dining and living area and the nice white insight is wonderful. There are enough drawers and compartments available for proper storage of living room items.

7. ​For a lazy afternoon

Room 1 straight view Creazione Interiors Modern style bedroom Plywood
Creazione Interiors

Room 1 straight view

Creazione Interiors

When installing a television, the screen should be aligned in a way to make watching easier, without any strain on the eyes. The wall opposite to the bed is an ideal place for it. In case, there is a window in the front wall, a hydraulic lift concealed in cabinet will be the right choice. This is even a great choice for those who don’t want the TV screen to be visible all the time.

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