14 easy ways to have a modern Indian kitchen

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A perfect kitchen is brought together by several elements that make it beautiful as well as functional. When you are looking at modernizing or remodelling your kitchen, it’s important to choose the right material and equipment so that it looks contemporary without compromising on efficiency.

The Homify team has put together 14 different ideas to help you decide which elements will work in your kitchen.

​1. Durable countertops

Easy maintenance and durability are important features for keeping the countertop looking good for a long time. Polished concrete is an affordable as well as elegant alternative. Granite is another popular choice. Marble can be used for kitchen counters, but coat it so that it doesn’t stain.

2. Elegant sheen

For cabinets and counters, materials with sheen add sophistication to the kitchen. Ceramic is a good choice as it presents a smooth and shiny finish.

3. Proportionate appliances

For a smaller kitchen, choose appliances that don’t occupy too much space to keep the area looking neat and airy.

4. Make corners efficient

Kitchen corners are always a challenge to organize and clean. Design storage that makes it easy to access tools or equipment in the corners.

5. Include a bar in the kitchen

Design a small kitchen so that it can double up as a bar. Build shelves where the bar accessories can be stored and displayed. Put the wasted space on top of cabinets to good use.

6. Don’t shun glass

Instead of ceramic tiles, consider glass mosaic tiles as an option for the backsplash as they are easy to clean and look elegant. Glass can also be used on the countertop, but take care not to place hot utensils directly on the surface.

7. Add some sparkle

It pays to have a few stunning elements that make the kitchen stand out. Bright accessories, creative lampshades or a bold coloured counter works well in elevating the style of a kitchen.

8. Choose easy to use and functional appliances

While modernizing the kitchen is a priority, ensure that the appliances chosen are practical and simple to clean and maintain, so that they last for a long time.

9. A large hood is essential

For keeping the kitchen smelling fresh, it’s important to have a powerful hood that sucks out odours. The bigger the hood, the better the kitchen will smell. A steel hood is a safe choice as it’s easy to clean.

10. Extension shelves

Wooden extensions are a great way to add extra counter space whenever required. It is especially practical for placing appliances, which are utilised infrequently and stored away after use.

11. Organized storage

Design drawers so that every tool has a specific slot where it needs to be placed. This makes it easy to locate things besides keeping the drawers better organized.

12. Practical material

Remodelling a kitchen is an expensive proposition. Choose hardy materials such as steel and granite that last long and are easy to clean. Create contrast with a small patch of colourful or patterned tiles.

13. Small kitchens can be warm and functional

Good design can make even a small kitchen look beautiful and warm with convenient storage, clever lighting and bright accessories.

14. Add a unique feature

Get creative and put your personality on display in the kitchen. Choose sleek lights, colourful accessories or any other feature that adds a unique look to your kitchen and makes it memorable.

For more ideas on designing small kitchens, see 7 space efficient kitchens for small houses.

Which of these elements will you use for your new kitchen? Answer in the comments.

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