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​The modern house perfect for a family on a budget

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Aren’t shapes magnificent? They make up every single thing we see in life, from houses and cars to animals and people. Yes, even we are made up of different shapes!

Today’s discovery here on homify 360° is certainly no exception: an ultramodern house that decided to flaunt a look of pure and simple lines. Yes, just by looking at this structure you will be able to see a myriad of horizontal- and vertical lines flowing into one another to form shapes like windows, doors, balconies, floors and, finally, an entire house. 

Add to that a soft colour palette and an interior look that celebrates its spacious layout with a clean style, and we are most inspired by (and just a tad bit envious of) this eye-catching design.

Care to take a look?

Up and down, and sideways too

The façade flaunts a pretty straightforward and clean look, although one cannot deny the linear lines flowing both sideways and upwards – or would that be downwards? Regardless, the timber panels add a great deal of detail to the exterior surfaces, contrasting quite charmingly with the rest of the façade’s look (in terms of colour, material, and the direction in which the lines seem to be flowing).

Bright and open

We locate the rear side of the house, which is so much more welcoming and open than the front surface. Here, the house opens up charmingly onto a wooden-deck porch, which leads us into the interior rooms.

And don’t overlook that beautiful garden with the perfect lawn, fresh plants, and pebble surfaces for décor.

Cubic volumes

However, the linear designs that are so prominent in the front also make a strong appearance here at the back, becoming much more visible once we check out the rear side from a straight-on view. 

Notice how superbly this house, with its contemporary shape and rigid structure, contrasts with the surrounding houses in the background, making it all the more striking.

Clean and bright interiors

Once we’re indoors, we can also catch a glimpse of the linear styles flowing just about everywhere – from the wooden floorboards to the shape of the doorknobs. 

Don’t you just love how bright the interiors are thanks to the crisp-white colour palette, but also due to the amazing amount of natural light flowing indoors? 

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The perfect palette

Due to the light and earthy neutrals adorning the interiors, a perfect background scheme is born. Any additional furniture- and décor pieces, regardless of their colours or patterns, will fit in most wonderfully without any interior feature overruling the other. 

See how magical neutral tones can be?

The crisp, clear bathroom

Before we depart, we take one quick look at the modern bathroom. And lo and behold: another feast of rigid lines adorning everything from the floors to the ceiling. 

The wooden surfaces in here are slightly darker than in the rest of the house, making that colour contrast all the more magnificent. 

Which colour textiles (and décor pieces) would you add in here? 

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