7 small cottages you’ll want for yourself

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When we talk about beautiful houses, often the point of reference is a large home that is spacious and sophisticated. However, small can be beautiful too as far as homes go, especially if they are designed to provide a cosy and comfortable ambiance and don’t lack any of the essential features that one expects from a modern home.

Today, we at Homify have picked for you 7 lovely cottages to help to convince you that small homes are just as aspirational.

1. Traditional with a twist

As a material that has been used for centuries to build homes, cottages and cabins made from wood have old-world charm. However, design can completely transform a wooden cottage to give it a modern look, like this home, which has an open-plan living, dining and kitchen with glass doors and windows that connect it to the outdoors. The private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, are kept suitably hidden by wooden walls.

2. Modern cottage in the fields

Another wooden construction, this home is charmingly modern with clever features such as lattices in the eaves of the roof creating a lovely play of light and shadow. The wooden walls help the home to blend with the surrounding nature, while glass seamlessly links the common spaces with the outdoors, besides presenting lovely views of the greenery.

3. Minimalist to the core

For those who are fans of the minimalist style, a design such as this one, which keeps the interiors simple and uses space to add to the beauty, is perfect. The double height ceiling enhances the spaciousness of the home, giving it a luxurious feel. Clever utilization of the extra height to create a cosy room on the upper level, with skylights inviting in natural light, adds to the beauty of this design.

4. A touch of rustic

A home with a casual vibe always has undeniable warmth. A rustic design that uses wood, brick and stone brings a cosy ambiance to this small home. Neutral colours keep the interiors looking airy and bright, enhancing the look.

5. Colourfully modern

Usually, modern home design includes a subtle colour palette with white and pastels taking predominance in the décor. However, bursts of colour can be introduced to add warmth, while retaining other modern elements such as basic furniture. A combination of spotlights, hanging lampshades and backlighting is used artistically to highlight the prominent features in each area.

6. Eclectic elegance

If you don’t want to restrict the interiors to a particular style or theme, mix it up to create a lovely eclectic home. White is used to create synergy between the spaces, while contrast colours, including a mix of black and natural brown as well as bolder and brighter shades create a stunning home.

7. Small with a focal point

The challenge of designing a small home lies in creating a memorable element. Whether it’s a lovely view or just an open air balcony with seating, highlighting a feature and adding suitable accessories such as a hammock, a bookshelf and a cosy reading nook that add to the relaxing vibe makes this home unforgettable.

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Which of these small homes do you want for yourself? Respond in the comments.

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