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9 Beautiful ideas to decorate the living room

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Your living room is a sacred place – it is the room where you catch up with your family, curl up and read your favourite book, and binge watch TV shows. 

While we are busy making our living rooms functional, we absolutely forget the décor element. Yes, it is important to make the room comfortable, it should also have a personality. Lucky for you, we have put together 9 inspiring ways to decorate living rooms

1. Pastel colours with a gallery wall

Gallery walls are the new trend these days, and they are a great way to add a personal touch to your house.  You can either opt for inspiring quotes or your favourite superhero as posters for the walls. The idea is to keep it minimalist and provide pastel colours as a backdrop.

2. Mirrors with a pop of colour

If you have a small living room, then adding mirrors would be the perfect idea to create the illusion of a bigger space. But instead of going for the plain old boring mirrors, opt for the ones with interesting frames and bright colours. In case you already have old mirrors at home, you can paint them in your favourite colour yourself.

3. Stonewall

If you are looking to completely revamp your living room, then you should definitely think about installing a stone wall. It will not only give the entire room a more rustic and vintage feel, but it will also make you and your kids feel more comfortable.

4. Make it eccentric

Not everyone likes things simple and classic, some of us like to go out of our way to make our houses completely unique. If you are one of those people, then it’s time for you to transform your living to make it reflect your personality. While the purple colour in this living room is truly daring, the mounted cycle is definitely the show stopper.

5. Bright colours

Instead of running away from bright colours, embrace them, add them to your home’s décor, and you will automatically feel a positive vibe around your house.

This living room uses the right combination of bright colours and white tones to balance the whole décor.

6. Add texture

While colours are a great way to add some fun to your living room, adding texture is another amazing option. The rug on the floor of this living room truly provides a whole new character to the place.

7. Drama with neon lighting

If adding textures or bright colours isn’t as impressive or grand to you, go for neon lights around your living room, and you will not be disappointed. Though, the most important question here is – What would you want the neon lighting to say?

8. Add functionality to your living room

If your home often doubles up as your office, then instead of creating a separate office den, you can install a small office area in your living room. 

For instance, this living room not only has a workstation but also a very big and stunning library.

9. Take inspiration from nature

Why go out to experience nature when you can bring it to your living room? Start by adding earthy colours like green and brown, and if you are willing to go big, then you can pick out an artificial plant for the room.

After these amazing ideas, we hope you are feeling inspired to give your living room a complete makeover.

Which one of these living room ideas was your favorite?
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