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30 TV room ideas for small houses

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In modern homes, where space is scarce or when an apartment comes predesigned, there’s not always sufficient space for a separate area for a TV room. However, every home should include a small space or corner for a television, since it’s a place where the family comes together to bond and socialize.

Take a look at these 30 professional designs of small TV rooms to get a few ideas on how to incorporate one in your home.

1. Dress with fabrics

For creating a warm ambiance in the TV area, fabric can be introduced for texture. Place soft velvety rugs on the floor, sheer curtains and comfortable cushions to create a cosy corner for television viewing.

2. Use a corner

If there isn’t sufficient space for a separate TV room, consider placing it in the corner of a living area. Adjust the space between the wall and the seating, and arrange the furniture and carpet so that it looks different from the main living space.

3. Control the lighting

Use lighting to control the mood in the TV space to create a cosy nook where you can relax and watch your favourite shows.

4. Colour separation

An alternative is to create a vibrant ambiance in a small corner reserved for TV viewing by using bright colours that contrast the rest of the living area to give the television space a distinct identity.

5. Clever cabinets

Get a built-in cabinet along a corner wall, which has a provision for mounting the TV at viewing height as well as space for storage and shelves for displaying décor accessories.

6. Go industrial

The industrial style is a perfect option for a small TV area as you don’t have to use too many accessories, keeping the area looking modern and spacious.

7. Mini theatre

The lack of space doesn’t have to stand in the way of making a TV room look like an entertainment zone. Decorating the wall with pictures or posters of your favourite stars or movies, placing comfortable lounge-like seating and controlled lighting can create a lovely setting.

8. Monochromatic theme

Neutral tones help to create a soothing space. Use shades of grey along with black and white to make the TV room look modern and elegant.

9. Vertical shelf display

Place the TV in the centre of a small wall and make the most of the limited wall space by displaying art on a higher shelf and keeping the lower shelves for storage. This helps to create visual balance in the area.

10. Urban contemporary

Use concrete on the ceiling and wall to give the space a modern industrial feel, and add low seating and a few bright accessories to create a stunning TV space.

11. Warm wood

Another great option for creating a cosy TV space in a nook is to clad the walls and ceiling with wooden laminates. Add recessed lighting on the ceiling and a hanging lamp to enhance the warm vibe.

12. Minimalist

The minimalist style is perfect for a small TV area as it uses light shades and only a few accessories, keep the area looking airy and spacious.

13. Keep it white

White is a great colour choice for a small area as it keeps it looking bright and airy. For a smaller space, use a TV that is not too big so that the area doesn’t look cramped.

14. Geometric beauty

For giving the area a designer vibe, use a geometry for the shelves, or add few bright accessories and geometric prints on the cushion covers and wall art.

15. Dividing shelves

Use open shelves to divide the TV space from the rest of the home. You can also carry through the design with storage shelves around the wall mounted TV.

16. Create a focal point

In a cosy corner, another idea for giving the TV space a distinct identity is to create an artistic wall mural and surround the seating with colourful accessories such as rugs and paintings.

17. Sophisticated spotlighting

Use spotlights to create a unique ambiance in the area in the form of diffused lighting from floating shelves or track lighting that presents beautiful play of light on the wall around the TV.

18. Multi-functional space

The area for the TV can double up as a home office or study during working hours and convert into an entertainment zone at night. Design sufficient storage to hide away clutter.

19. Classic elegance

A wooden wall panel for mounting the TV and a modern glass and laminate cabinet underneath for storage can pull together an elegant TV area. Add classic accessories to enhance the look.

20. A playground

Since the TV area is a space for fun, in a small apartment, it can be combined with an indoor play room for children. Colourful shelves for storing toys and comfortable seating complete the room.

21. Wooden wall

When the space for the TV is limited, use wall-to-wall wood panelling to mount the TV and a floating cabinet for storage to keep the area looking spacious and the floor uncluttered.

22. Textures and images

Using wall paper with a scenery or 3D panels that bring texture to the area adds interest to the walls of the TV area and also visually separates it from the rest of the home.

23. Transparent accessories

Glass stools or shelves and sheer curtains are a great way to trick the eyes into believing that the TV space is larger than it is.

24. Personal identity

Make the TV area a fun zone by displaying your prized collectibles, whether it’s action figures or miniature super cars.

25. Shuttered

A nice way to keep the area separate from the other living spaces in the home is to have sliding shutters that add cosiness without blocking the natural light.

26. Side by side

If you have a study with built-in desks on the wall in a corner of the home, reserve some space at the side for the television, and add seating to make it comfortable for daily TV viewing.

27. Follow a theme

Give your TV space personality by adding a retro look or any other preferred style using the right décor and accessories.

28. Maximize the space

Choose light colours and coordinated accessories to make even a small space look charming. Put every inch to use by creating a reading corner or a study area against the dead space near a window to create a focal point.

29. Parallel furniture

For a small area, instead of wraparound seating, place the sofas parallel to the television to make the area seem less cramped.

30. Go vertical

For a narrow wall, mounting a small television in the centre and framing it with vertical shelves on the sides help to balance the space. Add interesting wall paper or textures behind the TV to make it elegant.

For ideas on mounting televisions on wall panels, see this ideabook.

Which of these designs would you copy for your home? Respond in the comments.

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