Different ideas for lighting your bedroom!

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The bedroom should be that cosy place where one can unwind after a long day and relax. For those who crave a warm space and are trying to build up a room that speaks of their personality, we have just the right examples.

Stylish, vibrant, and soft, these lighting ideas are enough to transform your room into a true heaven.

1. ​Add a splash of colour and light

If you are more of a colourful person, then adding bright lights along with some sparkling colours will perform the right way. The entire area is functional, full of lights, and airy, making it optimal for a couple

2. ​A seamless room

Even though it is a bedroom, the main focus is on this little corner with lots of light and creativity. A lamp is seated on the table next to bed, while the wooden shelve is incorporated with drawers. The room is white with a splash of light colours on the front wall and this combination is a real showcase of luxury.

3. ​Hanging lamps

Sometimes you need just one statement piece to enlighten the entire room. Here that is achieved by a simple hanging lamp. And, if you have this one switched off, the one on the rustic wall will act as mood lighting. The “LOVE” light on the wall is a delightful addition here.

4. ​Urban Design

Wooden panels are the most decorative thing you can have in your room and when it is accompanied by lights, the show becomes incredible. Stylish lights have been used in this bedroom and the striking feature here is the wooden shelves and lights incorporated distinctly.

5. ​Innovative and industrial

Just a basic lighting can bring a lot of change in your room and this is bedroom is a sheer example for it. Two quirky light pieces are hanging on both the sides of the bed and it looks like you don’t need anything else in there. The black lines of the light complements well to the white colour of the wall.

6. ​Kid’s room

It’s a cute and bright room with pop-ups of different colours. The cloud here has a silver lining in the form of bright lights that spreads into an aqua coloured wall. There is also a room for animated lamps in the kid’s room.

The bright cushions on the white sofa is also an striking feature of this room.

7. Modern Lights

Unlike the previous bedroom, this is one modern bedroom with incredible chandeliers and lightings all around. While both the sides of room have white lamps, a magnificent chandelier is hanging to the ceiling. The muted shades of the bedroom have been highlighted well with the designer lights.

8. ​Once upon a time

A fairy tale bed always impresses and when you combine it with appropriate lights and decorative lights, it can be converted into a fairy tale bedroom. The chandeliers here are imparting an ultimate elegance to this room.

If this suits your taste, instead of wooden and metal headboard go for light curtaining with tassels and tiebacks. Fabrics like silk, velvet, and thick cotton can make the room divine and alluring.

9. ​Sleek Bedroom

This is a sleek bedroom with just one lighting element in the form of a modern chandelier. Thanks to the beautiful chandelier and muted colours, this bedroom is effortlessly stylish. Along with the artificial lights, there is even room for natural lights.

Follow these quick tips to brighten your bedroom and for more tips on how to create your own futuristic bedroom look, check these out.

Which one of these lighting ideas was your favourite?

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