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7 Ways to divide the room entrance in your home

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Is your entrance is designed in a way that whenever someone enters the house, they can see the rest of the area, including your kitchen, hallway or the living room? If so , you need some suggestions and optimal solutions from the designers and experts from homify team. Separating the entrance of the house from the rest of the area is not only ideal for privacy point but can also become a functional part of decoration.

Don't believe us? Here is an ideabook that throws light on some ideas to create room entrances that are impressive and divide the house from it. Here it is, what we give you in this article- 7 architecture ideas for you! 

1.With open shelves

If you already are done with the decor part of your newly constructed home and are in a hurry to create a separate entrance then no concerns! Its not late even now. For the goal to divide the environment, the best and quickest solution is to introduce open shelves. It will make the space cozier while lending a personal touch to the decor. 

Make the entrance area a cabinet, that divides the two environments without downplaying the room while preserving the clarity of both places. This shelf, as we show you, has the ideal design, especially as you apply the color white, or other range of very light neutral, as the base color you have in your decor. This reinforces the lighting of both environments and lets free communication flow!

2. With a wall system

You will not believe that this wall has wheels so that you can place it wherever it suits you. You can even change your mind after you have places it one part of your home and move it to some other position. 

It is a stronger division, you can have the system including television, music, library, or any other functions that serves you for the room and the entrance simultaneously. 

Do you think this is a great idea? Go and append it in your personal ideabook section so you can copy when needed.

3. With a game of volumes

If you have a home style like this, where there is slight difference in the floor level near the entrance, a strong motif like a glass vase, music player or a pillar can make a huge difference to the beauty and purpose of the space. This division, as shown in figure, has managed to create two areas, where one serves as hallway and the other for sitting and having tea due to table and chair placement.

4. With library bridge

If you have many books at home and also need a division, but the fact of building a wall for you is very complicated, detail of the building, blocks, cement workers etc nothing great to get a carpenter to make you this model library to measure. Its like hitting two targets with one arrow. You can now showcase your brilliant books collection and get a secure, private space inside. Furthermore, no air or light flow will be hindered in this process.

5. With a wall of plasterboard

The practical plasterboard, this material is literally a practical solution to all your problems. Here we can see a small and light weight wall with small circular wall niches to place some decor elements like frames, memory images etc and act as a showcase. Adding a little bit of furniture covers it into a special corner into the place. What better idea than this! A quick and easy solution to achieve your mission of separation of spaces but with elegance.

6. With small furniture items

Having a small room or narrow space that cannot take up much space but essentially needs to have an entrance division? No worries. This small piece of furniture will serve you the best.It isolates the inside space from the little entrance and does not looks gaudy in a small area. It is facing the door which when opened, removes the view of the rest of the room but without disturbing the entrance space. Note that beautiful piece of furniture is light and not very big… a perfect division.

7. If you use a column house

Most of us might have seen columns like these but never thought of them that they can work as a Space dividers. Use the lightweight columns and state all your precious decoration details over them. It might in the form of hanging plants, pots, antiques, unbreakable vases etc and display them loudly.This wonderful division using that column that you thought was crossed, provides the solution to your problems with the entrance of your home.

Get more ideas for entrance ideas and corridors from this guide.

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