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20 Closet and wadrobe ideas for Indian homes

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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There is nothing more comfortable than finding all your things in place when you get up in the morning. To achieve this, you need closets and drawers in place. So, today we are focusing on the 20 expert designs that can help you get ready quicker and in a more organized way.

1. ​Princess’s closet

You can call it a place where princesses dress. Shoes, dresses, a small mirror and a cute chair to sit on, you have everything in place in this kitchen. For optimal light a chandelier has been installed, enlightening the place in elegance.

2. ​White space

Run for shelving along the top to store shoes and cabinets. For dresses open hangers are good. While one side is filled with shelves, the next side is fitted with mirrors and in between lies the open hangers. 

3. ​Closet in the bedroom

Along with placing a cabinet, you can always go for a mirror in your bedroom.

4. ​Make it a great experience

Cabinet doors are hard-to-use, but here the clothes railing and open shelf  is accompanied by a lit-up mirror, which is giving a classy touch. And to make you comfortable there is a small table.

5. ​Lights all around

The glass door of this room hides a cabinet behind and you can hardly guess if something is there. Small lights are embedded all around the mirror accompanied by a maroon stool.

6. ​A small corner

Although it is a small corner, the execution is interestingly done with muted colors and sleek cabinets. Next to a sleek wardrobe stands a mirror and a small table to sit.

7. ​Spacious and practical

For those who want a cozy and spacious room to dress, this is a true heaven. The luxury here sets the mood for dressing up.

8. ​Big and cozy

A comfortable couch, big mirrors and proper lights—there is everything you will like to see in a dressing room.

9. Doll house

Join your closet with a hairdresser and give it a unique and original personality. This pink room is nothing less than a doll house.

10. ​Sleek corridor

If you don’t have a room for closet and hairdresser; make use of the tiny passageway. Here you have the perfect example of a sleek and beautiful cabinet.

11. ​A rustic touch

The most special feature of this dressing room is a brick wall which is imparting a rustic touch to the room.

12. ​A tailored cabinet

Build a multifunctional closet to suit your dressing needs and this image can be the true inspiration for you.

13. ​Closet in the bedroom

Having a closet and drawer in the bedroom can save a lot of space. The pop-ups of lemon and red colors are balancing the overall design.

14. ​Behind the walls

If you do not want to build a closet in the bedroom, then you can build it discreetly behind the living room. Here you have a pink shelf with a round mirror above.

15. Dare to be original

A small room can be as influential as a spacious abode, you just have to widen your creative side. Being highly practical, this room has utilized every little corner.

16. ​Same colors

Both the doors and wall of this room are soaked in the same colors and one side of the wall has a mirror fitted on it.

17. ​Mobile closet

It is a mobile closet with textures on the door to give a personal touch.

18. ​Space below the stairs

The space below the stairs is left unused, but installing a close is a great way to utilize it.

19. ​Give it a personality

Even if the closet is small, you can give it a special touch by adding a statement colour like this house.

20. ​Adapt all measures

This room has adapted all sorts of furniture for storage and drawers in variety of colors and dimensions. 

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