What's the trick to furnishing my home from scratch?

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Whether you’re about to move into an unfurnished flat, or beginning the process of decorating your newly-built dream home, some changes are in store for your very near future. You will be entering a clean space and transforming it into something practical and aesthetically pleasing – and that, like everything else in life, involves a bit of planning. 

It doesn’t really matter if you can’t wait to tackle this home furnishing project by yourself, or have called up the help of a professional interior designer—there are certain elements to take into consideration. Abiding by these steps is certain make the whole moving process much easier, and also more fun!

Let’s see what they are…

1. Measure your spaces

Although the first step might be the most unexciting, it is the quite crucial. Moving into an already existing space means you’ll need to walk around with a notebook and measuring tape, planning out which item(s) will best fit where and how. 

Take note of specific details, such as the size of the hallway and the thickness of partition walls.

2. List the qualities, plan your changes

With your trusty notebook in hand, make a list of all the things you like about each room and what you would like to change. The page for your guest bedroom, for example, might read as follows: 

Like: quality wooden floor, high ceilings, lots of natural light. 

Dislike/change: Inadequate closet space, outdated wallpaper. 

A simple list like this will help you balance priorities when starting the shopping phase of this process.

3. Start with your kitchen

Assuming that your plumbing and electrical wiring are already in place (which needs to be finalised before any decorating starts), commence the beautifying process in your kitchen. The kitchen is often chosen first because of its ‘heart of the home’ reputation, and also because you will be making use of it numerous times each day (cooking, cleaning, working, etc.). 

In addition to your budget requirements and style preferences, consider these important points: 

• What three things matter the most in my kitchen? 

• How much room do I need for storage (pantry included)? 

• How many people will frequent the kitchen on a daily basis?

4. Explore your options

It’s one thing to fill up your “home ideas” board on Pinterest; it’s quite another to see, feel, and experience these décor and furniture items in real life. 

Set out and visit some hardware- and furniture stores to explore these items in person. You may find that the modern sofa you’ve envisioned is actually not that comfortable; or that those side tables you wanted for the bedroom are much too bulky. 

Try things out and get physical samples of materials and colour options wherever possible.

5. Create a comfortable bedroom and bathroom

Now that your research is complete, bring on the home touches! Add linens, curtains, pillows and towels to your bedroom and bathroom to ensure a plush and soft experience. 

And don’t forget the reading lamps, toothbrush holders, towel railings, and other details that make these rooms practical and user-friendly.

6. Bring on the basics

The essentials come before the pretty things; don’t buy wall art if you don’t yet have a place to sit or sleep. In addition, finalise those walls before you start carrying in furniture.  

Focus on cabinets, shelves, faucets and other practical additions that will provide a stepping stone for your less permanent décor.

7. Add your personal touches

At the end of the day, you want your home to be a reflection of your tastes and likes; a space where you can be comfortable and yourself. This requires you to add elements that speak of your personality.

For example, if you’re the outdoorsy kind, bring in potted plants. If you adore the minimalist style, opt for a simple and unframed mirror in the bathroom. 

Enjoy making those rooms into practical areas, but also spaces that are all about you! 

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