6 bungalows that everyone can build

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Humans and animals all aspire to have a home that provides security and safety from natural elements and enemies but while the latter build only temporary shelters, humans have mastered the art of building permanent structures that last for several hundred years. People in general make homes to last for till their lifetime if not till their children’s life period and try to optimize its benefits during their stay.  The most important aspect that an individual has in mind while building a house is its ability to accommodate all members of the family in a comfortable manner for a long period of time.

House construction today has advanced far beyond the days of early civilization when natural resources were used as now people live and work in multi-storied building built with brick, mortar and cement. The magic of single family houses with gardens and friendly neighbors exchanging pleasantries across the boundary walls seems to be lost in today’s busy urban life. We know how important it is to own a home that keeps the family in comfort and also rejuvenates the body and soul of its residents. We have prepared a collection of 6 simple, yet highly functional bungalows from Turkey that anyone who has experience in general construction can get them ready with a little effort.

1. For a life of peace and tranquility

Who would not want to live in a hillside bungalow with cool fresh mountain air sweeping through the house every morning and enchanting views of houses downhill? Though these bungalows may be small and compact but they give solace from the noise and pollution of city life. Dressed in pristine white tones and located amidst emerald green forests these beautiful holiday homes sparkle like diamonds in this picturesque spot. The rustic cottages built of wood have traditional clay roof tiles and pretty porch raised on wooden columns to keep it on level with the front door.

2. Beauty of wood

Wood has always been an essential part of construction for several years now and homes that are made entirely out of wood have an intrinsic charm and beauty that is timeless. The  wooden bungalow here is picture perfect amidst it’s green surroundings and is suited for every weather conditions as it is thermal resistant and if treated with essential chemicals during construction, it will keep the house free of bugs and termites.

3. Rustic home in the woods

The wooden bungalow here is built in box style that is comfortable and functional for a small family or couple. Surrounded by a tiny forest, the cottage has a large clearing in the front and a pretty patio with a gate to keep out small animals. Stylish lighting system that includes antique style sconces before the front door makes the cottage an ideal holiday destination for those that like the peace and quiet of country life instead of luxury hotels.

4. Perfect for all seasons

Though this prefabricated house is well suited for a holiday home as it can be setup in a small piece of land within a short period of time it can even be used a low cost housing in rural areas. The solid structure of this cottage with several rooms and a spacious attic followed by porch that runs all around the building’s perimeter makes it ideal for a small family or couple with limited wants. Use of environment friendly materials and weather proof construction style has ensured that this rustic house is perfect for all seasons.

5. For seekers of beauty and comfort

For people looking for a more stylish abode and not a prefabricated rustic bungalow, this home would be a perfect fit. This eclectic house is both stylish and elegant with teak wood walls and stone porch with white steel railings. This house has all the comforts that are required for a family living in the suburbs like a small lawn in front and enough space around to set up a garden.

6. Eco-friendly and pleasing

In this era of global warming and energy conservation there is always a demand for sustainable housing that is both eco-friendly and long lasting. Here we showcase a straw house under construction that is reminiscent of cottages that are usually visible in remote villages and are suited to local tropical weather. The house is built with straw bales that are placed around timber frames for stability. This house will be treated with appropriate materials both inside and outside to make the walls and roof weatherproof.  These environment friendly bungalows are suitable for both tropical and cold climates due to their ability to maintain temperature.

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Which cottage design did you like the best as a holiday home? Do let us know in your comments below.

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