15 exterior doors perfect for your dream house

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Innovative façades and professional doors can make sure that your house doesn’t go unnoticed. An exterior door is not only a functional and safety requirement, it has the potential to make a strong statement as well. So whatever maybe the design theme of the interiors, the front or exterior door can set the first impressions for every visitor to your home. From bold and classic to intricate and wow-worthy, exterior doors can do wonders to the facade of your home. So, if you are thinking of changing the front/ exterior door of your house, take a look at these brilliant door ideas that are a perfect blend of style and substance. 

Here are 15 amazing front and exterior door ideas worth looking at.

1. Exterior door made of wood and glass

A massive front door immediately creates an ambiance of grandeur at the entrance of this house. Here you have a beautiful front door made out of wooden and glass blocks and shaped to the arched entrance. The glass panels encased in solid wood provide a a strong support and at the same time allow clear visibility outside. Add curtains in subtle or eye catching colors and patters to create privacy indoors. This is a true inspiration for houses where you want a bit of royal touch but with toned down colors and designs.

2. A sturdy metal front door

The contrast of wood, black glass and metal achieves a lovely combination in this compact and modern house. While the garage door is of complete black wooden blocks, the entrance door is a mix of the same wood and glass making it distinct, yet in theme with the exteriors. The almost black color immediately pops up in the surrounding making it hard to miss. Choosing similar materials for the front garage and exterior door is a great idea too! What do you think?

3. ​Multiple materials for the front door

A luxurious mix of wood and steel adorn this house. Not just the doors, even the upper portion of the wall is covered with wooden blocks and steel in the same design theme. Along with keeping the house airy and comfortable, security is maintained by use of these strong materials that can weather all elements of nature, be it rain or sunshine. Low maintenance and strength are the prime attractions here, though we must say, the design is beautiful and functional too.

​4. Hand interlaced exterior door

This solid wood door here is a simple representation of safety and luxury. The tall size ensures it offers complete privacy inside. No onlookers or peep-ins allowed here! We love how the wall has been framed around the door that allows the wood to be fairly protected by the elements. Adorn this with classic wall mounted lights and door knobs and you have a look reminiscent of the castle like grand entrances that is fit for kings.

5. Custom made steel design exterior door

Four simple steel blocks have been used here to create this house front. Steel becomes an all weather low maintenance material of choice for this home offering complete security in form of a very strong gate. But the carvings on the metal uplift the facade to a whole new level. The tree like delicate designs make the entrance look inviting and homely rather than closed and formal.

​6. A designer exterior door in stainless steel

Another example of how stainless steel adds so much dimension to the house. The stainless steel door creates an illusion of wooden fence here but only much stronger and robust. This is certainly an epic choice with so much room for creativity. Any width and length will act perfectly for creating such beautiful illusion.

7. ​Horizontal lines for a classic exterior door

Just a simple design has been showcased and it is a great success here. Along with granting immense security, the horizontal lines of this door are making a style statement. Doors of this size may need extra strong support on the walls or in cases, where wider doors needed, they need to be made in sliding door format. In case, you want your doors to look graceful, classy and strong at the same time, this is one brilliant way. Simplicity and performance at its best. 

​8. Glamorous front doors

Art, elegance, glamour and beauty, each of these elements combine together gracefully giving a balanced look in this house. The true beauty of this door shines through at evenings when the lights indoors showcase the work of art on the glass door panels. Add colored lights or colored glass and you can add a lot more depth to the ambiance indoors and outdoors. This is truly mesmerizing and something, no visitor will ever forget very soon. So if style and glamour is your thing, this front door is perfect for your home.

9. Modern and elegant exterior door in painted metal

A minimalist and modern door in metal is perfect for complete security of your house. The material ensures the door stays strong, while the horizontal rods offer light and air to pass through, making slightly see through. The geomteric design is an all time classic and blends well with the articheture of the house.

​10. Unique front door for a unique home

This is a container house in front of a modern luxury building. It may be small in size but no way less in terms of comfort and style. The most noticeable part of this home is the front door which is created out of white wooden blocks. No frills, practical and most importantly space saving, this simple and subtle front door is perfect for this compact home and can be easily replicated in other kinds of residences.

11. The classic solid wood front door

An all time favourite, you cannot go wrong with a solid wood exterior door for your home. Wood being a natural material offers so much depth and character to the surroundings. A dark mahogany or light pine finish, either way, the earthy brown tones of wood look great in any kind of home, be it standalone bungalows or apartment flats. Check out some more designs by the professionals at D P Woodtech Pvt Ltd, India.

12. Traditional art for the front door

An intricately carved wooden door in traditional design can be a bold statement that leaves a big impression at the entrance. Inspired by the ancient temple arts of India, this door in wood has so many details that one can spend time just observing the many details it offers in every inch. A reliable designer with a taste for elegance should be able to create a masterpiece like this one for your home.

13. A beautiful and massive front door

This exterior door is a part of a stunning private residence in Pune, India by TAO Architecture Pvt Ltd. The design is inspired by the forest/ garden theme of the entire home and the the wood carving of a tree with glass is a perfect marriage of function and design. Again, the arched design adds special something to the house, don't you think?

14. Sliding glass exterior door

Not all exterior doors need to look heavy and guarded. A sliding door with toughened glass fitting is just as fine with an added benefit of an elegant look. This one from the house of Environ Planners makes for a perfect gateway to the outdoor garden area of an office space.

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15. One of a kind front door in wood

An exterior door with a difference, this paneled door lets in light throughout the day and creates beautiful patterns indoors.  If modern art, rustic, unique and sustainability is in your mind, you may want to check out some brilliant ideas from this beautiful home.

Take a look at this one of a kind brick house by I-Studio Architecture.

Which one of these exterior doors inspired you the most?

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