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15 exterior doors perfect for your dream house

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Innovative façades and professional doors can make sure that your house doesn’t go unnoticed. So, in case you are thinking of changing the door of your house, do not miss on the ideas in this write-up.

Here you have 15 amazing doors and gate ideas:

1.Reminiscing the golden years

Here you have a beautiful garden made out of the wooden and glass blocks. This is a true inspiration for houses where you want a bit of rustic touch.

​2. Fuse technology and elegance

 Wooden doors by FPL srl
FPL srl

Portone ingresso

FPL srl

With use of the electronic mechanism, you can give a conventional and classy design to the doors. Simple blocks have been used here with golden handles.

​3. The strength of steel

Steel is comparatively stronger than wood and fiberglass and that is why it can offer the best security. The front door of this house is covered in pure wood and it surely is the right choice here.

4. A spectacular combination of materials

The lightness of the glass door combines perfectly with wood, metal, and stone. All the elements have its unique personality and character, showcasing the perfection of a house.

5. Details that make a difference

 Front doors by HORMANN

Porte d’entrée ThermoSafe Motif 680


The contrast of wood, black glass and metal achieves a great combination in this house. While the garage door is of complete black wooden blocks, the entrance door is a mix of wood and glass.

6. Light and floating

minimalistic Houses by arQing



All the doors in this house are light and floating. This beautiful wooden door looks like it is embedded in the stone wall and that is what gives it a floating appearance.

7. Ultimate Security

Sophistication meets security in this house. The front door is made up of steel, painted in black and a little of design.

8. ​A harmonious mix

A luxurious mix of wood and steel adorn this house. Not just the doors, even the upper portion of the wall is covered with wooden blocks. Along with keeping the house airy and comfortable, security is also maintained here.

​9. Dynamism hand interlaced

The gray door here is a simple representation of safety and luxury. As it totally covers the outer sight, there won’t be any chance of peep-ins.

10. Steel special design

Four steel blocks have been used here to maintain the security of the house. The aesthetic is elevated by the carvings of the simple tree-like structure on the steel.

​11. Create an illusion

The stainless steel door of this house creates an illusion of wooden fence here. This is certainly an epic choice with so much room for creativity. Any width and length will act perfectly for creating such beautiful illusion.

12. ​Horizontal lines

 Windows by Puertas Lorenzo, s.a
Puertas Lorenzo, s.a

Puerta corredera base de una hoja automática de aluminio soldado

Puertas Lorenzo, s.a

Just a simple design has been showcased here and it is a great success here. Along with granting immense security, the horizontal lines of this door are making a style statement. In case, you want your doors to be gracefully designed, this is one epic way.

​13. Glamorous doors

Art, elegance, glamour, and beauty, each of these elements combines together gracefully giving a balanced look in this house. We love the steel art crafted on this glass door.

​14. Modern and elegant

An upward and modern door it is to give complete coverage to your house. The combination of blocks and rods has been used here to give room for air to pass through.

​15. Architecture for a change

It is a container house in the front of a modern luxury building. The most noticeable part of this home is the front door which is created out of white wooden blocks. Simple and subtle, this is an epic addition to this house.

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Which one of these exterior doors inspired you the most?
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