4 simple houses with cozy interiors to inspire

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A house can be adapted in a thousand ways to meet our needs and to be converted into a pleasant and welcoming place to wrap up the day. Indeed, who wouldn't want to customize their living space to ensure they have a home that feels entirely their own on where they can be themselves?

Small houses are undoubtedly the favorite for many people. Not only those who are pressured by budget constraints and urban living fall to this trend, but also those who are simply enchanted by the magic that surrounds small spaces. In these rooms, every square foot is well designed and proportioned to prevent any waste of space. The result, in most cases, is a home full of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. 

Today, we will visit 4 small homes designed to be as cozy on the outside as it can be on the inside. These are ideas that can make anyone feel the warmth of their environment, and these homes are, without a doubt, incredible examples of how you don't need many things to ensure comfort in full. Follow us and be inspired!

1. Rustic stone facade on the outside.

This small house brings charm in every detail. The sum of the walls covered in stones and the presence of solid wood in a complementary design, brings us the impression that the home is out of a perfect world. 

The elegance of wood on the inside.

If the facade of stone was already great to offer a sense of welcome, the interior of this delicate house has walls with coatings that mimic a wooden texture in a light color, and the interior lighting was used in the best possible way.

Although the interior counts on little space, some tricks were used for the perception of comfort to occur, such as the wide ceiling with the use of runners. 

2. A simple house and garden.

This house with walls in shades of pink brings a great combination with the external walls of red brick.These tones warm and even offer a welcoming touch,  perfect to mark the pleasant personality of the home.

Perfect planning inside.

Lovely outdoors and perfect inside. Although appearances can often be deceiving, it was easy to imagine that this home holds such a well planned kitchen.

The sweeping lines of the L-shaped counter ensures the perfect use of space. The presence of wood in the lower and upper cabinets made the perfect set for a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

3. Modern traces outdoors.

The modern features of this delicate house add up in straight and sweeping lines with curves. The unusual line structure resulted in a house with very interesting details. The contrast of the walls in white with the darker traits that line the windows and doors give a very pleasing result for the project.

Well-lit interior.

If modern lines on the facade already conquered the look, inside the house the charm is the same. The long and straight counter with minimal details is responsible for practically organizing the environment. 

4. Bright exterior.

The charm of this house is immediately recognizable. The combination of the light red and the white bands that surround the doors and windows is perfect. Colorful and welcoming, the house invites us to explore inside and feel all the comfort that it reserves.

Warm indoors.

It could not be different. The sweetness that this home prints on the facade invites us to nestle in its simple but perfect interior. The beautiful set of chairs with classic designs and striped prints brings modernity and combines well with the light walls of the living room. Natural lighting is very well used with the glass door, further strengthening the comfort of space.

This definitely is a special living room, and sure to make all the neighbours jealous. Why not do the same for yours? As for the rest of the projects, we can simply say they look extremely cozy and comfortable!

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