16 Stylish bar and grill designs for maximum safety of your home

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The safety of our home comes first and that is why it becomes necessary to invest in practically efficient bars for doors and windows. Also, while defining the safety of the house, the aesthetic value should not take a back seat.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options available for designer door bars. Select the style and design that suits the aesthetic of your house.

In this article, we will present you with some great options for bars to protect your door and windows in style.

1. ​Geometric sophistication

Just one glance at this room and two things gain your attention, first is the enchanting lights and second is the beautifully crafted window railings. For a warm room, this window railing is one of the most sophisticated choices.

2. ​Block Pattern

The modern block pattern in the front window of the house is an awesome sight. Two types of railings are used here, one is carrying the block pattern, whereas the next is a simple vertical grill. Painted to match the house colour, these bars are simply a way to define sophistication.

​3. Wooden panels

Achieve snug privacy with wooden panels just the way this home has achieved. Behind the wooden panels is a well-lit house, showering opulence around it. While the front window is covered in wood, the others are glass panelled.

4. ​Iron and wood

If you want to have a grand entrance for your house, this door one perfect example. Carved wood with vertical bars and golden handles make an ultimate entrance. A lot of variation can be made if you want something more creative.

5. ​Stainless steel balcony

For a modern and minimalist home, this balcony railing is appropriate. Before deciding on the concept, you need to study your room’s design. Here is the best contemporary railing design you can incorporate in your home.

6. ​Lace shutter

We are truly in love with this lace window shutter. The window shutters with mirrors provide privacy and security. Bespoke designs are also available and you can easily find something that matches your style.

​7. Classic iron bars

Classic wrought iron bars are best opted for colonial details. Flowery patterns of the bars are matching well with the pink wall and black outline.

8. ​Horizontal slits

Along with the novelty of solid guard, the high horizontal slits are giving a signature look to the entrance. Being in black, this is the right contrast to a white house.

9. ​Wooden blinds

It is a wall secured with the warmth of wooden blinds. Not just safety, it is also a great tool as a sun-shield.

10. ​Old metals

Some home designs are a visual pleasure and this railing is one of them. Bring good old metal in use and design a luxury that suits your style. It makes an excellent option for terrace or balcony railings.

11. ​In detail

The blinders here is something you won’t see in every other house, but this is certainly one of those options you will like to opt for.

12. ​Traditional Windows

The traditional window is known for elevating the charm of a house. Even if it is a modern house, you can go for these window railings.

13. Exceeding the window frame

This is quite a quirky yet interesting choice for window coverage.

14. ​Metallic shutter

Want to keep the unwanted peep away? This is one perfectly appealing shield.

15. ​Natural Lights

Privacy with natural lights and fresh air is an appealing feature that we always hunt for and this house certainly is one great example.

​16. Unconventional guard

And here is a very unconventional  example of a conventional shield for your home. 

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How to choose the perfect safety grill design for your home?

The decision about the right type of grill design for your home must consider the two main factors of safety and aesthetics. While a decorative acrylic or MDF grill might be beautiful to look at, it will not save the purpose of a safety door grill that needs to be robust and secure as its primary purpose is to keep intruders away.

In terms of aesthetics, you should always choose a window or door grill design to coordinate with the design style of your home. For example, a beautiful curved wrought iron grill will work well with a traditional or classic house, whereas a sleek steel grill design would be more suited to the straight-lined style of a modern house.

Here are some ideas for the terrace garden.

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