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8 wonderful dining tables for every home

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The dining room is a fantastic place to share good times, laughs and fantastic food with our friends and family. It is important that the design of the dining room meets the requirements of those who spend time there. Dining tables are the central piece in any dining room. They should be chosen to suit the size of the dining room.  If a table is too large, it will look and feel cramped in the space and guests will find it difficult to get to their seats. If the table is too small, guest will not be comfortabe, and it will appear lost in the room. Style is another important consideration to make when choosing a dining table. Choose a table that fits with the style of the house.

Homify has 7 great dining table ideas. There is bound to be a dining table for every situation.

Fairytale Dining Table

Great interior designers have the ability to create a mood, a theme and quite possibly a dream. They make choices about the colours, the style and the themes of the fittings, the furniture, the decorations and even the floor and wall coverings. They make all these decisions with a particular mood in mind. When they are successful, they can create a mood that can bring a dream to life. This dining room is such a design. It is a fairytale dining room. The only thing missing is Prince Charming and his beautiful Princess. The dining table is the key feature in this space. It complements the rest of the room perfectly, its base complementing the chandelier, mirror and wall colour. This stunning room is made by Maestri Artigiani S.R.L. Arredamenti. See here for the rest of the house design.

Industrial Dining Table

Industrial design homes are often characterised by open spaces, high ceilings and large windows. They are a great way to encorporate eclectic and unusual pieces into designs. Choosing a dining table that fits with these designs can be difficult as it needs to fit the size and theme of the space. This beautiful dining table fits in this Industrial themed room perfectly. The support beams in the room provide borders identifying spaces within the large room, like the kitchen and dining space. This dining table allows plenty of space for guests. The style of this room is dominated by the black, white and red colour scheme. The black of the table and chairs complements the black of the window frames and kitchen bench tops. Continue this colour theme in the table settings to really make this table stand out at dinner parties.

Formal Dining Table

With so many options of styles, materials and colours, there are endless options for dining tables available. Some dining tables are very informal, consisting of a bench attached to the main kitchen area. In larger houses, the dining tables are in large spaces, dedicated to dining, they are often referred to as formal dining rooms. In formal dining rooms one of the important factors to consider when choosing a dining table is the number of guests that may visit. This elegant formal dining table is large, with chairs to comfortably seat ten guests. The colours are dominated by a neutral palette of tan, cream and white. The two green chairs on either end of the table create great feature items, bringing the attention to them. It is where the King and Queen of the house should sit.  Don’t be afraid to make the dining table the focus of the room. Embellish it with a splash of colour or contrast it with the chairs. For more dining table ideas see here.

Minimalist Dining Table

Dinner parties are great opportunities for friends and family to meet and catch up. Set a great mood in your dining room by playing appropriate music and establishing fantastic lighting.  Allowing plenty of space for conversation, dancing and movement is important at dinner parties. Space is also important in the design of a space. If a design is busy with conflicting colours, textures, patterns and sizes it will appear to take up too much space. If a design is simple and minimalist, it appears to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings, giving space to the design. This dining table is a good example. It is a very simple design, with a basic white colour. It complements the walls and floors perfectly, appearing to blend in with its surroundings. This beautiful table is made by DS Darsing in Russia. See here for their other items.

Urban Dining Table

There are many ways to use a theme in a design. It is common to use the elements of colour, style or topics to link furniture, decorations and fittings. Rooms that use a variety of different or conflicting themes run the risk of looking disorganised or unappealing. They create an atmosphere of ambiguity and conflict. This modern  dining table complements the colour and shape theme that runs through this design. The main colours of black, light tan and pale grey run through the fittings, furniture and flooring. This dining table fits with these colours perfectly. The other design theme is the use of black outlined shapes. They are represented in the windows, the clock and the table frame. This makes this dining table a perfect design choice for this dining room. Look for ways to link design elements together to create a unique design style. This was created by  Home Deco Decoración in Barcelona, Spain. See their other designs here

Dining amongst the Clouds

Many people believe in the psychology of colour. They believe that every colour has a meaning and an emotion. This may vary depending on culture and circumstances, although the essential meaning remains remarkably similar. Red, for example represents passion, action and ambition, while blue denotes trust and peace. White is the colour of purity and perfection. It is most often associate with innocence, wholeness and completeness. This dining room is an excellent example of the psychology of colour. The room, and in particular the dining table are a beautiful, pure, innocent white. The dining table seems to float in the cloud like glowing white room. This is a fantastic example of the use of colour as a theme in a room. For other ideas on how to bring colour into design see here.

Dining with Nature

Much of the mood of a space is created from what we see and hear. Designers spend a great deal of time creating a mood with the choice and placement of elements within a space. Country cottages are cosy, small spaces that exude cosiness and comfort. Industrial spaces are open spaces, minimalist in style with the odd area of interest. Items within these spaces that do not support the theme detract from the mood, lessening its impact. This dining room creates an amazing natural, calming mood for guests. Upon arrival in this space, guests can’t help but be dazzled by the spectacular floor to ceiling windows that run down two walls. The dining table is the real hero of this room. It reflects the natural theme of the room, consisting of a rich timber finish. It is the perfect size for this room, allowing guests plenty of room to find their seat, and for ample movement around the room. For more designs by Atelier 137 see here.

These are just a few ideas of dining tables for homes. There are so many options of dining tables available, from the very modern minimalist tables, to the traditional natural timber tables. There is always an option that suits every style. When considering a new dining table, take into account the size and requirements of the household. This will be the major deciding factor in what dining table to choose. Don’t be afraid to bring colour into your living areas. There is a world of options to choose from.

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