Prefab houses: 7 things you need to know before buying yours

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Lucky 4 Ranch, Uptic Studios Uptic Studios Rustic style houses
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Though the easy availability of home loans have made it convenient for people to own homes around the world, it is still a struggle for several others to save up enough for a house made of brick and mortar with a permanent roof above their heads. Getting the perfect house in a good location that meets all required needs within given budget is a tough feat that most people can achieve only once in their life.  The issues related to finding a piece of land for house construction, getting the required permissions from government agencies to start construction and finding a good contractor to build the house as per requirements within the specific budget are enough to make an ordinary individual hit the panic button.

To facilitate and accelerate house construction growing number of people now are opting for prefabricated houses instead of building them on site. Pre-fab houses are buildings that are assembled in factories and delivered as pieces of a large puzzle that will serve as home. These structures can be set up on flat land at costs that are much lower than traditional structures built with help of professional home builders.  To make it easier for our readers to understand the concept of prefabricated houses and their advantages we have listed out a few tips in this ideabook. We would like to remind that while there are several models and designs available in the market for pre-fab homes we have managed to capture only the very best in this ideabook and they can explore several designs until they find the dream house of their own.

1. Easy maintenance

Lucky 4 Ranch, Uptic Studios Uptic Studios Rustic style houses
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

The maintenance of a prefabricated house is similar to a traditional built house and owner would have to replace electrical and hydraulic fittings every five years to ensure optimum results. In case the prefabricated house is made of wood then it would have to undergo treatments that are given to traditional wooden building to make the adaptable to climatic variations. Do not buy prefabricated houses made of raw wood to save costs as they will not last long and in case of concrete slab structure ensure that the material is properly treated with waterproofing.

2. Speed of construction

Just as the cost of purchasing and setting up a prefabricated house is less expensive than a traditional building it offers several more advantages. While a tradition masonry home take at least 90 days to build and prepare it for use a precast house take a much shorter period and their complete structure is ready within 3 to 6 weeks. This prefabricated minimalist house  has been constructed by using light and low-cost local materials  and despite pushing for early delivery the construction was perfect and comfortable.

3. Costs involved

The first concern for every individual building a home is cost and since that keeps fluctuating it is during traditional home construction due to unpredictable prices of raw materials and labor, a prefabricated house is the best option. These houses made of both wood and concrete cost up to 50% of the value of the construction of a common masonry house and can be setup within a short period of time. As every part of the house is already constructed the labor cost will only comprise of setting up the pieces together and assembling the structure. The only hard work and investment required to set up this kind of house is to keep the ground absolutely flat as the house will have a direct foundation on the ground. Once the ground is level the period until house is ready to move in will be very short.

4. Wood and concrete

Prefabricated homes are generally made out of wood as it gives better texture and appearance than concrete homes and is just as long lasting with proper maintenance. Wooden homes require more detailed inspection about quality of wood to make it long lasting while prefabricated concrete houses offer a greater variety of models that require lesser maintenance and protection from weather elements.  Buyers concerned about temperature factors in their locality should know that both wooden and concrete prefabricated houses offer pleasant dwelling  conditions if they are provided with sufficient ventilated openings that facilitate flow of fresh air and light within the house.

6. Stylish structure

Owning a prefabricated house does not imply that owners would have to compromise on aesthetics and style as there are innumerable designs which can be implemented depending on the size of land with details like large windows and spacious balconies. In case you require customized attachments to the house like changing the location and shapes of doors, windows, skylights, veranda railing etc, these issues can be discussed by the developer while explaining details of the house that is to be fabricated. 

This French chalet-shaped pre-fab house model is always the show stopper when it comes to glass and wood prefab buildings as they are stylish in appearance without being over dramatic about their classic styling. Here  the roof and floor have been constructed with combination of metal and wood to make it strong and while it has been painted over with waterproof paint by the general contractor that helped to set up the house.

Interiors of the house

The interiors of a prefabricated house is as comfortable as a traditionally constructed house with all the amenities and can be decorated just as beautifully. Depending on the size of building, owners can fill it with cozy furniture, furnishings and all other regular paraphernalia like a regular house and personalize their space. This beautiful wooden prefabricated cottage is not the log cabin that most people expect of a prefab  house.

7. Maintenance and care for prefabricated structures

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Schoolmasters eco house

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Now that we have given details about structure and properties of prefabricated homes, let us also introduce you to caring and maintaining this building so that investment made on it is recovered. Wooden structures require more care than concrete ones as the wood may get affected by soil conditions if it is not given required maintenance. Here we see how the exteriors of the house looks smart with combination of wood and glass. With solar panels on the roof the house manages to take care of a few energy needs on its own too.

If designs are what you seek here are designs of Prefabricated houses you will die for.

Which prefabricated house did you like the best, do let us know in your comments below.

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