16 Easy indoor garden ideas for your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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The trend of an indoor garden is getting popular day by day and it certainly brings spirituality and positivity energy in the home. In addition, this is also a way to purify the air and boost your health.

Today, we are going to show 16 small gardens that are perfect for your house.

1. ​Don’t forget the balcony

The balcony area is often overlooked, but this area holds the potential for a great indoor garden. Install shelves to create a vertical garden and make the space fresh and bright.

2. ​Covering a tiny spot

In this design, we can clearly see how a tiny spot has been converted into a garden with elegance and neatness.

3. ​Add some colour

To create some fun in the garden, you won’t just need flowers and plant, as a little of creativity is always demanded. Add some bold pots in front of the brightly painted wall to add some fun element.

4. ​Living in the wood

Large indoor plants and trees can make a creative statement in any sort of interior design. This beautiful dining room has a lot of green leafy trees settled in front of the sun beaming windows. Plants in such space soften the hard lines of the table.

5. ​Create an arbour

What a great idea to build a leafy arbour over the bathtub. Small potted plants on both ends of the tub complete the green look and of course there can’t be a better place to soak in.

6. ​A striking effect

If none of the house corners lets you have a garden, a magnificent wood rack like this can be your bait. These adorable pots look quite pretty against the yellow and green palette.

7. ​Cheer up with cacti

Cacti are a great choice for those who can’t commit time for taking care of plants. Despite the rough appearance, these tiny additions do have bright flowers to brighten your home.

8. ​Miniature garden

A big metal bowl like this one is great for creating a miniature garden inside the home. Go for the tiniest plant you can think to enhance the mood.

​9. Plants for health and medicine

Having herbs in the kitchen is great for any cooking enthusiasts. A vertical garden like this can be easily set into a modern kitchen. A quick trick will be adding medicinal plants.

10. ​Larger than life

Even if you have a little corner empty, why not designate a whole area of the garden. Use stone as the base and put plants in vibrant pots. The catch here will be opting for plants that require less maintenance.

11. ​Natural looks

This house definitely not require curtains as the job is done by green plants. We can see the integration between wood flooring and plants all around the wall. The entire place is artistic, full of vitality, and practicality.

12. Beautiful garden

The walled garden here is a simple representation of green luxury.

13. ​Under the stairs

Even though the space under stairs is often overlooked, you can utilize it for a small rock garden. Place a beautiful statue and surround it with small plants.

14. Building on the walls

Another way to have a small indoor garden is by utilizing the walls of the house. These plants look spectacular hanging on the bright walls.

15. Wall Garden

We hardly come across such design for a home garden, but the one here is totally magnificent.

16. ​Refine

There is wood, plant, rock, and light, which brings all the elements that are needed for an indoor garden. 

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Which one of these indoor gardens was your favourite?

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