15 ideas to protect your walls and make them look good

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Over the years, the walls inside the house suffer from regular wear and tear. Dust tarnishes the surfaces and dulls the original brightness. Sunlight fades the colour, and moisture seeps in to cause bubbles and cracks that look unsightly.

It’s every home owner’s dream to keep the walls inside the house looking clean, bright and free from blemishes. In certain cases, a quick makeover such as a coat of paint or a stunning wall covering can completely change the image of the home to give it a modern look.

Today, we put the focus on 15 different design ideas that can be used to add a contemporary feel to your home.

1. 3D effect

During the process of modernising a home, using new material is ideal. 3D wall panels are a contemporary trend that adds beauty to the walls through introducing texture.

2. Glass art

With its crystal clear beauty and its ability to add brightness to an area, a glass wall is another modern design that brings elegance to a home. The options range from glass bricks to etched panels, so choose wisely to add sparkle to a room.

3. Beautiful mosaic

Plain walls can get boring after a while. Mosaic tiling is a practical design that is not only maintenance-free but also stunning.

4. Scenic vinyl

A vinyl coating featuring a gorgeous landscape or a vibrant cityscape can lift the mood of a room from drab to spectacular. It’s a good choice for a living room or bedroom.

5. Warm wood

A classic material used in homes, wood never goes out of style and is a perfect choice for adding a warm and cosy feel to a room. Nowadays, the availability of materials that resemble wood coatings makes installation easy and the walls maintenance free.

6. Vinyl with 3D style

An alternative for introducing depth to a room is to use vinyl with a 3D print that makes use of visual trickery to create a spacious look.

7. Green walls

A beautiful idea for decorating or giving a makeover to a dull old surface, a green wall is lush and refreshing. However, care should be taken to prepare the surface before installing it to keep the walls free from dampness and moisture.

8. Glass mosaic

Usually, glass mosaic is used in ponds and pools, but they make a great addition to any wall as they reflect light and present a stunning sheen.

9. Fun with slate

A stark black slate wall may seem dull, but it’s versatile and fun as you can write, draw or decorate it according to your mood or the changing seasons.

10. Sophistication of wall paper

Nowadays, a beautiful range of wall paper is available in design stores. From gorgeous prints to pleasing pastels and tantalising textures, they add a classy look to any room.

11. A blank canvas for art

A plain white wall can be brought to life by using it as a canvas for a work of art using watercolours. Paint a landscape or modern geometric designs to add a stunning element to the room.

12. Concrete texture

Concrete brings to mind an industrial look, which is modern and affordable. Paired with the right wall colours and furnishings, the grey textures can look elegant.

13. Artistic vinyl

Instead of opting for a large wall-to-wall landscape, vinyl decals help to introduce interesting design into a room.

14. Quarry effect

Introduce a rustic feel to an indoor area by cladding the wall with irregular quarry stone tiles. The muted pink, yellow or brown tones, depending upon the type of stone used, add a charming touch to the room.

15. Lined beauty

Chest of drawers IMARI e15 Modern style bedroom

Using stripes while painting or in the wall paper design can make the room look taller or wider, depending upon whether you use vertical or horizontal lines. Add the right accessories to complement the stripes and pull together a sophisticated look.

For more ideas on wall coverings see Couple's Retreat—5 Fun Bedroom Walls.

Which of these is the wall coating of your choice? Let us know in the comments.

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