20 low-cost homes with great ideas you can copy

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Wohnhaus Sürth, Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten Modern houses
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When you consider ideas to style your modern home, it’s the attention to detail that your guests often remember. This is why it's important to go for sophisticated and refined touches that are also affordable/easy to implement. The 20 homes included in this feature are just that, and with the help of the advice from our professionals, your contemporary styled house can be awesome too.

1. Absolutely charming

This lovely home has a welcoming look from all perspectives. The potted plants along with the dark wood and white colour scheme are simply to die for!

2. Simply elegant

The family home featured here has an elegant façade that speaks for itself.

3. Small but stunning

This home may be compact, but the chic use of monochrome is the epitome of attractive.

4. Modern minimalist

The two-tone home is a modern take on classic, geometric lines.

5. Secluded

The house featured here is tall and narrow, but quite picturesque too, and the solar panels add an eco-friendly touch.

6. Sleek construction

The garden adds pizzazz to this simple home.

7. Like a black box

This family home is unique and chic, it’s a black wooden box design with a flat roof construction which ensures an elegant look.

8. Assymetrical look

The cut-out roof has an asymmetrical look with some personality.

9. A bungalow of love

It’s a cute home with no stairs, wouldn’t you like to live here?

10. A colour combination

Zing up that traditional family home with these panelled walls.

11. Standalone style

This home may be the perfect minimalist choice for a young family.

12. Be different

Shingled wooden walls add a lovely texture to the exterior.

13. Gorgeous glazing

The glazing allows the sunshine and fresh air to be a part of this interior.

14. Traditional element

This modern home has a rustic element that looks like a repurposed barn.

15. A perfect cottage

This home has a dreamy cottage appearance with brilliant garden design for a beautiful finish.

16. Amazing avant garde

The home has a simple wooden box design, but with lovely glazing the space is perfectly sunkissed throughout the day.

17. Energy efficient

The solar panels on this roof are sure to lower those energy bills drastically, while helping the environment!

18. Elegant roof

The oversized design of this roof creates an interesting interior with a fantastic second floor.

19. Some colour

The combination of blue walls and an orange roof is a fabulous combination of colour.

20. Sweet and adorable

This classic home has everything you’ll ever need, from the lovely façade to the gorgeous greenery. If you like Mediterranean homes, then these 30 photos of a fabulous house with ideas to copy will impress you.

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