8 Feng Shui tricks to attract money to your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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An invisible energy surrounds us all the time and somehow this energy is responsible for our mood swings too. That means if you want to feel good all the time, you need to decorate your home in a way to attract more and more of positive energy. Call it philosophy or the art of Feng Shui, it shows us the right way to attract positive energy in the house.

Technically, there are 5 elements to rely on: the Earth, wood, metal, water, and fire. So, when you decorate your house, make sure these elements are placed in the right corner.

From homify, we bring you 8 amazing tricks that let the energy flow in the right direction without any obstacle. So, here we start!

​A clean and orderly entry

The first tip in our series is about making the entrance clean and uncluttered. It is said that if the door is cluttered, it is difficult for positive energy to find you. And, if you succeed in achieving a clean entrance, there is a room for money and good living.

The catch here will be maintaining the façade and entrance. Place some good lightings and plants near the entry to maintain the positive vibes.

​Attention to colours

From a wall painted in red to bright green cushions, try keeping the house full of vibrant colours. Obviously, you need to be a bit careful about the shades you chose, but the most important part will be your comfort.

Go for colours that make you feel good. A great example is this room with pop-ups of red everywhere.

​Include gold accents (yes, the colour of money)

A few details in gold are highly recommended when you want the right flow of energy. Coins, gold frames, or pictures, go for any sort of addition that suits you. The designers of this house has accomplished the job with ultimate dedication.

The kitchen should be clean and tidy

According to Feng Shui, a kitchen is directly related to the ability to attract money. So, always try to keep the kitchen tidy. This not only means an enhanced aesthetic, but also enables the flow of money.

The kitchen here is full of cabinets and beautiful colours and we look no further than this.

Everything in its place

No matter whether it is a modern house or a country style, there should be ample space for storing the household articles. Also, try to place things where it belongs to, for example, utensils need to be in the kitchen and not in the hall.

Keep it tidy

A house free of clutters always attracts prosperity inside the home. Throw out anything that is not in use and broken. The idea is clearing the home of any unwanted stuff, which means everything old and rotten should be gone. As space is cleared it also invites new stuff in the home.

Avoid water leaks

Water is one of the four essential elements that rule the laws of Feng Shui, so you have to be careful when you place the water elements. In Feng Shui, water loss symbolizes other losses and this can be money too.

So, take care of the leaks and never ever have standing water in your home.

​Make a fresh and vital touch

If a room is too boring and cold, add a fresh touch of colour and joy. Photos, artworks, vibrant colours, ornaments, and plants can be used to liven up the space.

Nature is an important part of home decoration, so a few plants here and there is always an appreciable option.

Till the time we come up with more home decoration ideas, try these Feng Shui decoration tricks and welcome loads of positive vibes in your home.

Which one of these tips was your favourite?

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