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16 Easy ideas to create your dream garden in small space

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Creating a garden in Indian homes is always a challenge. We are either struggling with the space issues or too worried about the insects which might get attracted.

There is no denying the fact that maintaining a garden can be difficult. But when you put all those initial struggles aside and add amazing designs to your garden, you end up with a dream garden.

To help you out, here are 16 easy ways to create and maintain a dream garden

​1. Pay attention to lighting

Your garden shouldn’t just look good during the day, it should glow during the night as well. Opt for enchanting lights to make your garden a romantic space.

2. Install a fire pit

If it gets too cold in your area during winters, then installing a fire pit is the perfect solution for cozy late night dinner.

​3. Vertical garden for small spaces

You don’t have to have a big area to create your dream garden, you can create a beautiful vertical garden just like the designers of this house did.

4. Add an outdoor barbeque kitchen

If you love cooking and having people over, then you can add an outdoor kitchen and a dining area for weekend brunches.

5. Outdoor living area

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Having a dream garden in your house would be of absolutely no use if you can’t sit back and relax there. Add comfortable sofas and cushions where you can read your favourite books.

6. A wooden deck

Adding a wooden deck is a great idea if it rains a lot in your city and you are tired of cleaning up your garden. Wooden decks are easy to clean and you can quickly move furniture on it.

7. Add accessories

Add décor and design elements to your garden, whether its lamps, art work, or sculptures.

8. Hurricane lamps

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Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


Hurricane lamps are stylish, functional, they also provide a soft glow to the area.

​9. A pergola for breakfast

A pergola is an Italian wooden deck ideal for setting up a small dining table where you can enjoy your morning brunch and enjoy the sun.

10. Add bright flowers and stones

One of the important aspects of creating a great garden is obviously adding bright flowers and stones to compliment.

11. Install a swimming pool

If you have a large area around your garden, then you can easily install a swimming pool in there. But of course, adding a swimming pool will also add cleaning responsibilities.

​12. A Buddha statue to bring in serenity

Adding a Buddha statue to your garden will impart peace and serenity to your garden. Not to mention, it will also be an amazing spot for your morning yoga.

​13. Add a Jacuzzi

If you don’t have enough space for a swimming pool, then why not add a comfortable Jacuzzi to soak in on a weekend.

14. A water pond and bridge

Another great way of adding a water element to your garden would be by placing a water pond and adding a bridge over it.

15. Play area for your children

If you have small kids and a big garden space then why not make it their dream garden too by installing a few fun elements around. 

16. More trees to provide shade

Living in the hot areas of India means too much heat and staying indoors, but not if you add more plants and trees to your garden which can provide shade.

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