7 Space efficient kitchens for small houses

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Today, we are going to concentrate on small kitchens and how a few ideas can add functionality as well as aesthetics to your kitchen.

Always remember that even if a kitchen is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a personality to it. And, to prove that we have 7 beautiful kitchens with clever designs, bright colours, and minimalist budget.

1. ​Wall length cabinetry

If there is a narrow space in your kitchen, long cabinets are a great option. Run the cabinetry along the top and bottom to store the maximum of utensils and other items. The idea is to minimize the mess and these cabinets serve the purpose very well. For hanging small utensils, go for hooks or magnetic racks.

This contemporary kitchen is surely giving some serious goals to those who are soon going to renovate their kitchen.

​2. Create more space with half stove

If you are not among those who throw weekly parties for ten to twelve, four stove burners is quite a waste. Along with consuming space, they also increase the cleaning time. So do yourself a favour by reducing the number of stoves.

This kitchen has just one stove and it is sufficient to serve all daily needs. However, you can always go for two stoves as a fair deal.

​3. Check this built-in table

Athol Crescent Kitchen Stange Kraft Ltd Classic style kitchen Solid Wood Multicolored
Stange Kraft Ltd

Athol Crescent Kitchen

Stange Kraft Ltd

No matter from what angle you look at it, the beauty of this kitchen lies in the round table. Four contemporary chairs are seated around it, creating ample space for a quick breakfast.

It is known that small spaces need to be enlightened in a classy manner and here the interior designers took it quite seriously. Along with the twinkling lights surrounding the kitchen, there is a pendant light hanging above the dining area.

4. Divided appliances

Giving a cottage feel, this kitchen has brought the most efficient style in use. The basic sink here is large enough to carry out the daily chores and to make the work easy, there is a small dish holder attached to it.

Next to the sink is a small worktop with enough space to prepare meals for one or two. And, the great part about cooking here is, you can always peep through the window for a great view.

5. Great Storage

Small and efficient, the kitchen here has kept the mess away, creating a sense of open space. The white cabinets add an ultra contemporary vibe and space oriented feel, which is hard to beat. Even the super bright lighting of the kitchen is a great addition.

These cabinets take far less room than the conventional version and are always the best idea to incorporate in small kitchens.

6. Stylish, modern and simple

We cannot think of a better utilization of a small kitchen than this. Using the wall space between the kitchen and adjoining areas is quite a good idea because it makes the space look bigger. A series of shelves have been used here for storage and the lowest of it serves as a breakfast table with two chairs.

One noticeable part of this kitchen is the natural light entering from the window. A small herb pot, next to the sink is also contributing to the aesthetic of the kitchen.

7. ​Extendable chopping board

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Scandinavian style kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

Check out the extendable chopping board in this modern kitchen. It comfortably lets you do all the chopping and preparations without any sign of mess. A lot of variations can be made out of this chopping board and you can always add a dash of colour here.

So, in case you are planning a kitchen renovation, make sure to take reference from the designs and ideas given above and click here for more ideas.

Which one of these kitchens inspired you the most?

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