10 beautiful double-bed ideas for your home

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Have you ever been on holidays? The best part of going to vacation is to stay at a hotel room, resting on a luxurious cushy bed, free from all sorts of worries and tensions you deal at home. A hotel bed is always a heaven for those who wish to sleep and rest in their free time. In today's idea book, we bring you 10 different double rooms that can make your personal bedroom look like a hotel room. 

Get ready to be the next sleeping beauty or king who has the most pleasing feel under him. Such setting will help to improve the atmosphere of your bedroom, and you can rest better and wake up in a good mood. And for best results, we have also added some decorating tips from homify designers to make it, as close as possible to that of a hotel. So let's have a look at these sleeping heavens here. Don't forget to leave your comments.

1. Luxury Suite

A luxury suite is characterized by a relaxed, clean and appealing area where the central element of attraction is the bed. The mirrors, lightings, and the wall paints are an addition to the beautiful grandeur. The first step to accomplishing your goal is to change the colors of the walls to light and bright, smoothen the surface, use calming lights, and decor as well as use silver sheen of mirrors. 

Our Tips: We recommend using neutral colors or very clear, to purify the environment and make everything flow easily.

2. Space for Nature

Depending upon the destination you choose to stay, hotels are usually equipped with a luxurious view of the climate sceneries so that there are no interruptions to your eyes and mind. They also add a personal touch to the textiles like adding heavy textiles in cold climate and cotton clothes and mild colors in summer. Blankets, pillow covers, and cushions are also an important element you can snuggle.  

Our Tips: Our second tip is to adapt your bedroom as per the climate of the city. Use textiles that you have on hands, but arrange them as per season. Do not hesitate to add twists like curtains to make it look interesting and calling. 

3. Enjoy the Privacy

Intimacy not only relates to the physical pleasure that one can have in their bedroom, but sometimes, it is more of personal intimacy of being with yourself. To make you feel comfortable which you are alone, proper lighting is the key as they help to define and uplift an environment. 

Our Tips: If you are self-loving person then the best option is using amber light diffused in the bedroom. It will give your warmth and add a little of romance to the room. If you are adventurous person, then white lights are best for you, it can feel like you have all the freedom to dream and plan all you want.

4. The Best Bed

The first thing one checks into a hotel room is that the best must be comfortable, supportive and firm. A bed either too soft or too hard is quite awkward to sleep on. So, when you get home after a long day, sometimes you find it hard to sleep because the bed is not nice enough. This is an important consideration while purchasing the bed. 

Our Tips: Forget your old and rugged mattress or the economic model you have seen on offer. Spend some time to find and try new and durable mattresses that meet your demands and needs. Remember that there is nothing more valuable to your health, physical and mental, that a good rest.

5. Additional Accessories

Although its primary function is rest, the bedroom is also the scene to do many other things. We can spend hours talking with our partner, planning the next vacation, taking important decisions or just watching movies. And the rooms of the hotels are designed to meet any of these needs. Then the next step would be to add, and adapt new areas to the bedroom.

Our Tips: You can include a pair of armchairs, for evenings of talks, extra cushions that serve as support for the weekend of films, and even a minibar to always have a good drink to liven up the night. You will enjoy more than ever in your  bedroom .

6. Bold Decoration

Decorations in hotels usually include an artistic touch, either in the design of furniture, or decorating the walls, to make us feel the uniqueness of the environment. And we can achieve this at home by simply adding a large picture or several small paintings.

Our Tips: In the master bedroom, you can put something of a local artist, or a replica of a recognized work, and immediately the atmosphere will become more sophisticated.

7. Multicolored

Even in the practical, or business hotels, the rooms have something that makes us feel unique. And that is the combination of colors that are chosen to dress spaces.  

Our Tips: If you want your bedroom to be like a presidential suite, it is best to use neutral colors with dark accents, such as white, beige or black or combined with wine. And if you want to look like a comfortable room full of energy and then changes the vibrant colors after dark tones.

8 Go for Something Different

If you are used to sleep in a bedroom you have at your home, you will look for something similar in a hotel or would come to the house of an acquaintance. But part of the experience of hotels is to enjoy something that is different from what is in the home. Plus it helps us to disconnect from the routine, and daily concerns.  

Our Tips: Do not look for a normal design, you think that would look good in your bedroom, choose furniture that is different, and looks perfect in your room.

9. An Incredible View

The view is one of the factors that define up the prices of a room. And when we visited the beach, the woods, or anywhere in the city, we want to have a balcony that lets us enjoy the view to the environment and nature, to enjoy the beauty around us. And no matter if you live in the city, in the countryside, or in a condominium, surely there is a view that is your favorite, and that totally would be worthwhile to watch every night.

Our Tips: For this, you could build a small balcony or just open a window. And if you think any view you like, then you could choose a design and print it on vinyl murals to decorate your wall.

10. Flawless Appearance

Finally, the appearance of a bedroom is almost always defined by the bedding. And in hotels, it is one of the things most valued by users. So, do not skimp on the design of your bed clothes, and try to be always well dressed, and combined.

Our Tips: Add some cushions to make it more elegant and comfortable, and cold season do not forget to put an extra blanket on the opposite side to the head. This will not only make you look more elegant and attractive but also appreciate the evenings.

And now, here you have everything you need to have a dreamy bedroom at your place. Click here to see more ideas for hotel like bedroom

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