20 Shades to make your kitchen walls better

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Being one of the most essential parts of the house, Indian kitchens are given special emphasis during construction and decoration. In some traditional Indian families, pooja areas are a part of the kitchen so care is maintained during interior decoration to ensure that it is kept away from the main cooking area and given some degree of privacy. Whether a kitchen is used for prayer and cooking or only the latter it is essential to keep the region clean and bright for only then can healthy meals be always available. Every individual needs a pleasing environment to work so how can a person working for several hours in the house kitchen be any different.

Here are 20 enchanting shades that have been selected by interior decorators at Homify to make the kitchen bright and welcoming region that inspires creativity in every cook.

1. Shades of blue

Interior Designs, Interiorwalaa Interiorwalaa Modern kitchen

Interior Designs


White and blue have always been a great combination lending a bright and cheerful ambience to the modern kitchen. Here a pretty wooden yellow counter has been provided that adds magic to the ensemble. A stately grey chimney and yellow framed window brings the  preppy look together.

2. Natural beauty of wood and marble

Neeras Kitchen homify Kitchen

Neeras Kitchen


When working with natural materials like wood and marble the neutral tones create a soothing atmosphere in this modern kitchen that shares the environment with an open living room and dining area.

3. Gray tones

Mr.M Residential Flat, DESIGNER GALAXY DESIGNER GALAXY Country style kitchen

Mr.M Residential Flat


Grey backsplash and countertops?  Add color to the cabinets with white and steel handles.

4. Soft Pastels

Though color dominance in the kitchen is determined by colours on the walls and cabinets, other objects liek doors, kitchen ornaments and backsplash can also brighten up a region dominated by soft pastel tones.

5. Monochromatic kitchen

Black and white have always been able to make kitchens look refreshing and clean forcing kitchen planners to swear by monochromatic palettes.

6. Mixing wood and neutral tones

Nashville Country Home, Aegam Aegam Country style kitchen Countertop,Cabinetry,Property,Kitchen,Wood,Interior design,Lighting,Home appliance,Flooring,Drawer

Nashville Country Home


Use of wood in a heavy manner in this kitchen lends a warm and cozy air that is enhanced by the antique drop down lamps over the island. The region is bright and charming with ceiling lights that bounce off shining stainless steel kitchen appliances and utensils.

7. Bold and bright

Adventurous combination of black and red against white background make this kitchen pop with energy. With the lovely white glass tiles this kitchen looks like something out of a magazine.

8. Sage Green

Paired with white wooden cabinets and furniture you have a Hamptons-style preppy home.

9. Dark and Masculine

Want a kitchen without frills that is more suited for a masculine cook ? Then opt for dark colours and pair them with   steel accessories like this steel kitchen chimney and steel cabinet handles. Abundance of natural light in this kitchen with open doors and wide window balances the dark colour scheme.

10. Patterns

When everything seems simple and ordinary  in your kitchen, why not add some texture and pattern with a natural stone backsplash/wall and patterned tiles on the floor?

11. Scandinavian style kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens are not all white as you can see here but are minimalist and youthful. This Scandinavian kitchen is a combination of white and pastels  or neutral to make the space bright and open.

12. Beauty of sky blue

Whoever said that light blue is the colour of desolation had not surely not witnessed all the shades of this soothing color.  By applying corresponding shades of perfect blues, this kitchen has been transformed into a lively work space.

13. All white kitchen

Stylish, modern and stunning, this kitchen embodies perfection from every angle with its sleek and minimalist design.

14. Rustic wooden kitchen

This rustic kitchen with slanting wooden roof and cabinets is a warm and cozy space where cooking is a pleasure. This is because of the simple fact that it has a lovely skylight and chandelier that keep the region bathed in light at all hours of the day and night.

15. Grey with pastel pops

Mr.Ashutosh Project by Blue Interiors homify Modern kitchen Grey Interior designers in Bangalore,best interior designers in Bangalore,interior decorators in Bangalore,architects Bangalore,interior design companies in Bangalore,interior design companies in Bangalore

Mr.Ashutosh Project by Blue Interiors


Don't assume that dark colored kitchens look grim and dull as these cheerful cabinets in pastel tones add a pop of colour against backdrop of grey tiles and white counter.

16. Bright and bold

Want an electrifying effect then match your cabinets with the bold colour of your wall for a matching and bold effect.

17. Kitchen full of patterns

Love patterns? Why not make your kitchen the creative canvas for your love of patterns by making the right choices like here which indulges without being dramatic.

18. Pleasing shade of green

Most wouldn't consider green for the kitchen but here the combination with brown on the cabinets proves otherwise.

19. Cheerful yellow

Modular Kitchen, EBEESDECOR EBEESDECOR Modern kitchen Plastic Yellow Cabinetry,Property,Furniture,Countertop,Gas stove,Kitchen appliance,Kitchen stove,Home appliance,Window,Kitchen

Modular Kitchen


This perfect sunflower yellow makes you feel as though you're in the kitchen of an upper scale restaurant with shiny stainless steel accessories. The sage green glass tiles on the backsplash and on the wall above the cabinets add to the cheerful air of the yellow kitchen.

20. Try combination of neutral and bright

Modern Style Kitchen homify Modern kitchen

Modern Style Kitchen


White is a vibrant color that blends with everything to create a region of fun and excitement like this modern kitchen that has recently been renovated with a wide window that brings in light and fresh air. Bright yellow on the upper section of the white kitchen and black granite counter enhance the appearance and size of this kitchen. 

Now that you have a wide choice of colors to brighten your kitchen, let us explore Quirky ways to add life to your kitchen.

Which color did you like the best from this list? Do let us know the reason for your choice in the comments below.

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